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Superman Lives at the Longest Superman Line in the Western Hemisphere

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Adventure seekers and adrenalin junkies around the world will be flocking to experience a Costa Rica adventure that will knock most peoples socks off. In the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica above the Osa Peninsula in the Fila Costena mountains engineers are busy constructing what will be the longest Superman Line in the western hemisphere.

At over 2 kilometers in length it will be approximately twice as long its closest competitor in Costa Rica. The ride will last around 2 minutes and will reach a top speed of 55 – 60 miles per hour. Riders will strap into a harness that holds them in a prone position and begin their rapid descent from 3,000 feet elevation and end the ride at 2,000 feet elevation.

The cable will zip the rider over the top of the rainforest canopy. In other sections the zip line will drop into the trees and go through tunnels cut specifically for the ride. It all makes for an experience that will leave most people breathless and wanting more.

The superman line will be located on the property owned by Osa Mountain Village Resort. OMV as it is called by residents is already home to one of the most talked about canopy tours and waterfall rappelling tours in Costa Rica. Plans to build one of the longest water slides in Costa Rica are also in the works.

The various tours are all run by residents that have purchased Costa Rica real estate in the form of villas or homes sites within the Osa Mountain Village Resort development. Some investors have bought a 4 week fractional share in the development just to be able to take advantage of the Costa Rica business opportunity that lies there.

The local residents have been very supportive of the sustainable community where all of this is taking place. Many locals are now working at the development helping with construction, maintenance or food production in the permaculture area.

The resort community offers travelers a place to experience adventure at their door step while staying in nicely finished villas at affordable rates.

Resort Community Flourishing Despite Dismal Global Economy

A resort community in the southern zone of Costa Rica is flourishing despite a dismal global economy. The community is called Osa Mountain Village and is not what one might think of when conjuring up an image of typical resort communities. Osa Mountain Village Resort is breaking all the molds and usual ideologies surrounding the term “resort community”. Despite the economy globally being in a downturn Osa Mountain Village Resort is flourishing and may be the best selling development in all of Costa Rica. At least that’s what local real estate agents have been saying when they visit the sustainable development that is being called by residents “the most amazing community on the planet”.

Other local projects have been stagnant in these tough times but the unique model of a food producing, sustainable resort community combined with all the basic luxuries one might be used to living in a big city has set this development apart from the rest of the herd. It seems to be attracting people from all walks of life that are interested in living a simpler lifestyle where keeping up with the Joneses is not the priority. And people are visiting and buying faster than the builder, Gary Morris, can build. Eventually the unique development will have approximately 170 residences with many of the buyers planning on living at Osa Mountain Village full time in the near future.

From an investment standpoint Osa Mountain Village looks like a market proof place to put ones money. If the economy improves or stays flat OMV is quickly becoming known as a premier adventure resort in the southern zone around the Osa Peninsula area. If the global economy continues its dismal decline further, buyers at Osa Mountain Village Resort Community will be living in an amazing place safe from the chaos that a poor global economy always brings with it. Buyers not planning on living in their villa can put their investment to work placing it in the rental pool and earn a nice income while keeping it as a safe place to go to should things get really bad. Many buyers have been using their 401K’s and IRA accounts to purchase at the resort community without penalty by transferring their accounts to companies offering self directed retirement plans. This has surely been an added bonus for the developers as well as the buyers and has helped the flourishing resort community continue its fast paced growth.

Osa Mountain Village has released only phase 1 and phase 3 for sale at this time. Phase 1 consists of beautiful 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas and phase 3 consists of custom home sites. Phase 1 is approximately 50% sold out and phase 3 is about 80% sold out with less than 10 custom home lots remaining. Phase 2 and phase 4 will consist of condos and villas with some of the most amazing ocean views anyone could ever hope for and are expected to be released later this year or early next year. High end finishes and a low buy in price make purchase options very attractive. Residents of the resort community pay only $150 per month in HOA dues which includes access to free organic food grown on the 770 acres which make up the development. It just goes to show that a flourishing resort community is absolutely possible despite a dismal global economy if you think outside the box.

For more information about this incredible community use the box below to inquire and someone will contact you shortly.

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Powerpoint Presentation For Osa Mountain Village Webinar

Below you can watch the powerpoint presentation for Osa Mountain Village. The presentation is only the powerpoint. There is no narration. Please join us for an updated live presentation hosted by Duane Overturf and Jim Gale at,osamountainvillage every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm pacific time. Until you can attend a live webinar, the presentation below will give you some idea of what we are doing at Osa Mountain Village. We do update this regularly for content…

Where To Go In Costa Rica

Are you planning a trip and wondering where to go in Costa Rica? With so many beautiful places in the country to visit you could spend a lot of time choosing and modifying your plans and unless you plan to spend a month or two there traveling around you would have a hard time taking in the whole country and getting the real feel of pura vida living. One could say the term “pura vida” refers to a life philosophy and directly translated means “pure life”. It is a customary saying to hear when greeting or saying goodbye to someone. Culturally there are some differences between the east coast and west coast of the country with the east coast having a bit more of a Jamaican influence and the west coast having a bit more of a gringo influence. Both areas of the country offer abundant wildlife to see and some great beaches on which to spend a day lounging around. There is an abundance of activities to keep you occupied on either shore.

I personally love the mysteriousness of the cloud forest areas of the country a lot although I would not want to live there. I prefer to have more sun like they get on the southern pacific coast of the country. The southern coast has a lot to offer in terms of attractions for both tourists and people looking at a Costa Rica retirement. It is a great are with a new golf course in the town of San Buena Ventura. The San Buenas Golf Resort spans several hundred acres and is bound to be a great place to live in the southern zone.

Another amazing project that is turning heads is the 770 acre development known as Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community. This incredible project is a food producing community that has great things going for it no matter what happens in the world economy. If the world economy gets worse there will be no better place to live than a safe place like Osa Mountain Village with healthy organic food, shelter and great friends with which to ride things out. On the other hand, if the economy takes a turn and gets better, owning at Osa Mountain Village will be a fantastic investment I believe. The incredible views from the 2,000 foot perch where phase two and phase 3 have panoramic views of the ocean and Sierpe Valley are jaw dropping to say the least. Many people have commented that it’s the best view they have ever seen in their life. One could retire and live on a very small amount of money at a place like Osa Mountain Village. Between $500 and $1,000 a month would be ample for living a simple, abundant lifestyle given all the amenities that come with ownership such as free food, community center and pool and rancho as well as exterior villa maintenance if you purchase in phase one.

Hopefully, you’ll find your own slice of paradise as you decide where to go in Costa Rica. There really isn’t a bad place in the whole country so relax and think pura vida thoughts. If you are already considering a Costa Rica retirement I think you will be happy here. It is not the same as Los Angeles where I moved from and now that I live here I like the differences and I bet you will too.

For information about the San Buenas Golf Resort or Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community please fill out the contact form below and your information will be forwarded to the appropriate people.

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Costa Rica Homes With Two Bedroom Loft Design

Take a video tour of one of the Costa Rica homes in Osa Mountain Villages phase one community. These two bedroom, two story villas are finished with high-end solid wood cabinetry and granite counter tops. There are many nice areas to find houses in Costa Rica but few locations can compare to the beauty of the Osa Pennisula region or boast the kind of success that Osa Mountain Village has been experiencing over the last 18 months. With numerous homes already finished and many more in differing stages of construction the place is beginning to take on the shape of real community.

There is quite a bit of construction happening in common areas as well. At the moment crews are working on the completion of a pool, rancho and community center that will be serving up tasty food to guests and residents. The pool itself is a modern marvel using a state-of-the-art system that does not require any chemicals. It is not a salt water pool either. The system is designed by EcoSmarte and uses electricity to discharge copper and titanium particles into the fresh water along with CO2 injections to keep the pool sanitized. It is the latest and greatest technology available in managing a chemical free pool. It might even be safe to say Osa Mountain Village has the first pool in Costa Rica built with this new technology.

There has also been some recent upgrading of the internet on the property too. A new tower was installed that is getting wireless internet to most of the existing homes too. Very soon we are expecting an increase of up to 16 times the bandwidth we are receiving now which should bring our internet up to US standards. We will keep you posted as these things happen. In the mean time, enjoy the video below as Jim Gale takes you on a personal tour of one of the loft unit two bedroom Costa Rica homes located within the Osa Mountain Village sustainable community.

If you are considering ways to invest your money in Costa Rica consider a villa at Osa Mountain Village. It is a great opportunity because no matter what happens with the economy because you win regardless. If the economy continues downhill in the world Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live abundantly outside of the rat race engulfing much of the world. The sustainable, food producing community model offers a safe haven amidst it all. And if we get lucky and the economy improves, Osa Mountain Village Resort is becoming the premier eco resort in the southern zone of Costa Rica. Real Estate property values will most likely go up in the southern zone of Costa Rica with a new airport slated for the area. Tourists will bring income to owners through business and the lucrative rental pool program for those that want to use their villa as an income property. Find out more by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly.

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A Rooty-Tooty Fruit Tree Forest At Osa Mountain Resort

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At Osa Mountain Resort they are concerned with food production. And with the potential of approximately 175 families possibly living there in the future they should be. This sustainable resort community has it’s sights set on producing at least 80 percent of the communities food on the 770 acre property that over looks the pacific ocean from its 2,000 foot elevation vantage point. With a lofty goal like that they are taking food production very seriously and have planted close to 3,000 fruit trees in the past few years. [caption id="attachment_2659" align="alignright" width="225" caption="The Pitanga fruit is a shrub that can grow up to 25 feet high"]Food Forest with Pitanga Fruit[/caption]

They already have a massive pineapple patch and are harvesting some of the tastiest organic pineapples you’ll ever taste having been ripened on the plant. Also being harvested regularly are bananas, plantains and a variety of other fruits.

Recently a new shipment of large trees that are already fruiting was received and among the newly planted are a variety of Citrus Trees including North Washington, Mandarin (Tandarin) and Naranja (Oranges) as well as Limon Acido (Lime), Limon Dulce (Sweet Lemon) and Naranja Agria (Bitter Orange).

Also included in that shipment was Papaya, Mango, Avocado, Palmito (Heart of Palm), Ice Cream Fruit, Guava, Fruit de Pan (Breadfruit), Manzana Rosa (Rose Apple), Zapote- Red & Black, Manzana De Agua (Water Apple), Cacao, Passion Fruit, Almond, Candlenut, Mangosteen, Langsat, Mamochino, Pitanga (Surinam Cherry), Sour Sop from the Graviola Tree, Coconut, and Jackfruit to name just a few.

They have also planted some Brazilian fruits including Acerola, Guayaba Araza (Brazilian Guava) and an unusual fruit called Jabuticaba.

[caption id="attachment_2658" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="Photo of the unusual way the Jabuticaba fruit grows"]The Jabuticaba fruit from Brazil[/caption]

They are even taking great care of their local feathered friends by planting a large variety of fruits that bring in birds including Guayabita, Grumichama, Tuquico and Abiut.

Want to learn how the other half lives? Find out more by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions about Osa Mountain Village.

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Blossoming Community Is Growing Entirely By Word Of Mouth

Osa Mountain Village has a blossoming community that is growing entirely from word of mouth. So many people are finding Osa Mountain Village to be the place they have been dreaming that sales have been among the best of any development in the entire country of Costa Rica. Not a single dime of advertising is being spent to promote the community and to top it off the 770 acre development is completely debt free. There is not a single loan on the property nor will there ever be says Jim Gale, the primary share holder and developer.

Two of those people that will be calling Osa Mountain Village home are Arlene & Garo Paroonagian, a retiring couple from southern California. Like most people who hear about Osa Mountain Village they thought it sounded “too good to be true”. It is a common thing for those people already living at OMV to hear statements like that. But all it takes is one visit to the property and spending some time with the residents that are already living at Osa Mountain Village to make one realize that nothing could be further from the truth. If you believe that the best community in the world is one that starts with friends and other like minded people coming together to create something special then Osa Mountain Village might be right for you. Below is a letter that Arlene and Garo wrote to introduce people they know and love to Osa Mountain Village. It speaks from the heart and captures how virtually everyone feels when they visit Osa Mountain Village for themselves and spend a few days. With their permission I have published their letter below…

To all our Friends and Family:

After 33 years at Jacuzzi, I have decided to retire. My last day will be July 5th, and can not wait to start the next phase of our lives.

We have been researching this phase for about a year now, and found a Community in Costa Rica (OSA Mountain Village Resort), that fit the bill. At 1st, we were very skeptical, as it was way too good to be true, but after spending time there, are totally and without doubt convinced, that it is truly paradise.

We spent time with the creator of this Community, Jim Gale and all the people he has brought in from all around the world, to make this Community totally Self-Sustainable.

I have given you the link to this Community, so you can get peak and if you go to the “Meet your Neighbors” you will see some of our future Neighbors, including a photo of Arlene and I with Lolita and our Parrots Sabra and Charlie.

Arlene and I are still in “awe” at the scenery, the people, the weather, the sheer beauty of it all, that we decided to savor the simple life and will be moving to OSA Mountain Village Resort in Costa Rica.

Yes, we bought a Villa there. Construction will be starting in a couple of months and due for completion by December/January.

We will be here in Southern California for another year Plus and then off to our Paradise.

When scheduling vacation, we would love to have you think of visiting us at OSA.

We will be in touch via E-Mail and Cell.

If you are considering ways to retire or live in Costa Rica consider Osa Mountain Village. Find out more like Garo & Arlene did by filling in the form below and swe will contact you shortly.

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Permaculture Food Forest Being Planted At Osa Mountain Village

Jarret Wald had no idea he would be living permanently in Costa Rica when he came to visit Osa Mountain Village with his sister Leigha and her soon to be husband Robin Nordling. Robin & Leigha were buying a home site on the 770 acre property and so was Leigha’s father Jerry Wald, but Jarret was simply coming down to visit and see what all the fuss was about. That visit turned into a permanent position as the man in charge of setting up the permaculture inspired food forest that is currently being planted.

Jarret’s interest in the property grew as he saw all the amazing things taking place and captured the fever that seems to infect people as they get a glimpse of the vision that Jim Gale has for the community. Soon Jarret was taking courses in permaculture design and principles to implement at Osa Mountain Village to feed the growing community. Eventually there will be in the neighborhood of around 170 residences on the property, many of which will be full time residents with the rest being used part time by their owner and in the rental pool for the years duration. Residents will pay a small monthly fee of $150 for all the food they can eat that is grown on site. Already there are thousands of fruit trees.

Greenhouses will be reconstructed on the property soon after being dismantled at their previous location on the coast at sea level which proved to be a little too hot for ideal growing conditions. The property is at 2,000 feet elevation and offers cooler temperatures to the tune of about 10 to 15 degrees on average throughout the day. This makes Osa Mountain Village the perfect climate for both living and growing amazing food. Jarret is also in charge of getting the Tilapia ponds filled and producing fish for the community. Jarret has found a new home at Osa Mountain Village and is known as the guy that always has a smile on his face. If you have a chance to visit Osa Mountain Village be sure to take the permaculture tour which is known as the People, Community & Planet Eco Tour. It highlights the food production and sustainable living practices being used at Osa Mountain Village to create an environmentally and eco-friendly community in a place that is truly a paradise. Catch the interview with Jarret in the video below to discover a taste of what is making Osa Mountain Village one of the best selling developments in all of Costa Rica…

Looking for a way to live a more sustainable life? Find out more about Osa Mountain Village by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions.

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One Bedroom Villas In Phase One Of Osa Mountain Village

Phase one villas at Osa Mountain Village come in 4 designs. Below you can catch a video tour of the one bedroom model. These beautiful homes are value priced well below market value. Sales have been among the highest in the country for the last 18 months making Osa Mountain Village one of the most successful developments in Central America. Jim Gale, the developer, and his team are confident that phase one will be completely sold out in just a few more months. These villas are spacious and have exquisite finishes such as granite counter tops and solid hardwood cabinetry. There are several upgrades available to choose from as well. Tile is standard in the villas but you can choose to upgrade to Brazilian Cherry wood floors if you want to splurge for a nominal up charge.

Villas in phase one are sold in 4 week fractional shares. To purchase the entire villa at an enormous discount off the 4 week share price you simple buy 13 fractional shares and the villa is yours. One of the great advantages of the fractional model is that you have the ability to put it into the rental pool and collect an income stream from your unit. You also have the ability to use any size unit in the rental pool by trading the rental credits you receive for putting your unit into the rental pool towards any size unit in the pool. As an example a one bedroom villa receives one rental credit for each day it is in the rental pool. So if you have your one bedroom villa in the rental pool for 28 days you have 28 credits to use towards any size unit if you want to visit. A 3 bedroom villa costs 2 credits a day in the program so you can use your 28 credits to stay for 14 days in the three bedroom villa if that size villa suits your needs better on a particular visit. The rental credit system also enables all of the profits to be shared equally among all rental units in the rental pool.

Learn more by filling in the form below…

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Costa Rica Lots For Sale

Amelia’s Estates Lots Sold Out!

Amelia’s Estates was the first phase of the Osa Mountain Village property to be offered for sale. It consists of 23 executive home sites with great ocean views. These lots are on the perimeter of the 770 acre parcel of land that is home to the Osa Mountain Village community. Being on the perimeter of the property these lots are more private than the lots within the Osa Mountain Village community.

Twelve Custom Home Lots For Sale In Phase Three Starting at $125,000

Phase three of Osa Mountain Village consists of twelve executive home lots with breathtaking ocean views. The lots range in size from one third to half acre and start at $125,000. The views from these lots are literally jaw-dropping gorgeous, they are that amazing. The lots are all on the Osa Mountain Village property and can be used for building a custom designed home.

These are the only custom home sites within the Osa Mountain Village sustainable development community, so these twelve lots are sure to go very quickly. They were just released for sale Memorial Day weekend 2010 and already 2 of the lots have been sold. As a lot owner you will be entitled to all the same amenities as villa owners at Osa Mountain Village including food. However, you will be responsible for maintaining your own home. Phase one villa owners, on the other hand will have their villas maintained as part of their $150 monthly dues.

Osa Mountain Village Rental Program

When you are not staying in your unit you may want to rent your villa to generate income for you. Because Osa Mountain Village will be a premier resort in the southern zone and attract many thousands of visitors every year, renting your villa should be easy with all of the incredible things to do at Osa Mountain Village. If you are considering renting your unit, you have four rental options available. If you put your villa into our rental program we charge 40% of the rental revenue if we rent your unit and clean it. We charge 20% if we clean it only and you rent it out yourself, or if we rent it only and you clean it yourself we charge 20% as well. And of course, you always have the option of both renting and cleaning your villa yourself and keeping 100% of the rental income. The choice is yours, we are flexible and here to help whatever route you take.


ocean view villas costa rica


If you have an interest in one of these lots please contact us using the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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