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Scarlet’s Cafe Restaurant Costa Rica Opens Her Doors For Business

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Monday, August 22, was a big day for Ricardo Campos. It was the first day he was going to serve food from his kitchen in the Osa Mountain Village Resort community center. And it wasn’t going to be a small crowd. Over 40 people were coming to hear about permaculture, food production and the sustainable model the makes the resort communityunique from most others. Jim Gale and Jarret Wald were both to speak at the lunch time event. There was still much to do to set up the kitchen the morning of the event. Many things were still wrapped in the plastic protective covering the manufacturer shipped them in. With some volunteer help from Lisa Bronzi, Leigha Wald, Catherine Overturf & Jarvia Fishell they were able to serve everyone a wonderful Costa Rican Casado for lunch.

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Attendees had their choice of Chicken or Beef which was accompanied by salad, rice, beans and plantains. As you can see from the photos everyone was very happy. Ricardo is quite the cook himself but the real talk around town is that his wife, Marva, is a Cordon Bleu trained chef with a specialty in Pastries. We are expecting some pretty lavish deserts to be served at Scarlet’s Cafe when she returns and starts running the kitchen. Marva was not able to attend the grand opening of her restaurant due to prior commitments back in the United States that conflicted with the event. She will be returning soon though.

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Ricardo and Marva will be opening Scarlet’s Cafe restaurant Costa Rica on a regular basis in the near future. Everyone living in the community will have to work around their schedule until then. In the mean time, people can work up an appetite taking one of the many adventure tours offered at Osa Mountain Village Resort. It’s a great way to keep active and explore the best Costa Rica has to offer.

To discover how easily you could be living a new life in Costa Rica please fill out the form below and you’ll receive an invitation to our weekly webinar held every Thursday evening at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time…

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Superman Lives at the Longest Superman Line in the Western Hemisphere

Adventure seekers and adrenalin junkies around the world will be flocking to experience a Costa Rica adventure that will knock most peoples socks off. In the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica above the Osa Peninsula in the Fila Costena mountains engineers are busy constructing what will be the longest Superman Line in the western hemisphere.

At over 2 kilometers in length it will be approximately twice as long its closest competitor in Costa Rica. The ride will last around 2 minutes and will reach a top speed of 55 – 60 miles per hour. Riders will strap into a harness that holds them in a prone position and begin their rapid descent from 3,000 feet elevation and end the ride at 2,000 feet elevation.

The cable will zip the rider over the top of the rainforest canopy. In other sections the zip line will drop into the trees and go through tunnels cut specifically for the ride. It all makes for an experience that will leave most people breathless and wanting more.

The superman line will be located on the property owned by Osa Mountain Village Resort. OMV as it is called by residents is already home to one of the most talked about canopy tours and waterfall rappelling tours in Costa Rica. Plans to build one of the longest water slides in Costa Rica are also in the works.

The various tours are all run by residents that have purchased Costa Rica real estate in the form of villas or homes sites within the Osa Mountain Village Resort development. Some investors have bought a 4 week fractional share in the development just to be able to take advantage of the Costa Rica business opportunity that lies there.

The local residents have been very supportive of the sustainable community where all of this is taking place. Many locals are now working at the development helping with construction, maintenance or food production in the permaculture area.

The resort community offers travelers a place to experience adventure at their door step while staying in nicely finished villas at affordable rates.

Costa Rica Weather … What’s It Like?

I am not an expert Costa Rica weather man but I have visited most of the regions of Costa Rica and can tell you a little about the Costa Rica weather in general. Especially where we live in the southern zone on the coast just north of the Osa Peninsula. We being me, my wife, my daughter and our dog. So that’s where I’ll start.

The Osa area is lush and green all year long due to receiving 196 inches or so of rain a year. Days are usually bright and sunny every morning and the temperature will depend on what elevation you’re at. At ocean level or a little above it will be in the 90′s. If you go up a little in elevation where the development is where we live the temperature is a cooler 75 to 80 range usually with a slight breeze. One of the big reasons I moved to this region was because of the warm climate. Bring light clothes and sandals to this area.

The pacific north area is less rained on and has a dry season where much of the landscape turns brown. The temperatures here also get hotter and there are less mountains to find shelter from the heat. Bring clothes you wear when it is hot to this region.

The inland north is rolling hills and volcanos and much cooler temperatures. The breezes here can get quite strong. People in this area where jackets a lot of the time. Some areas are cloudy much of the time creating cloud forests where the landscape is different due to plants that don’t grow anywhere except in a cloud forest. Bring warm clothes to this area.

The inland valley is where most of the people live and is at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. It’s very nice Costa Rica weather here. The temp stays an average of 72 all year. It rains regularly and keeps things green most of the year.

The eastern side of the country is wet a lot of the year like the southern pacific side. Be sure to bring clothes you would wear when it is hot and humid.

The central south of the country has mountains that go very high in altitude. This area can get quite cold during the day and even more so at night. Mt. Chirripo is at over 12,000 feet and is the highest point within the country. Bring warm clothes and jackets to this region of the country.

The video below is of Jim Gale talking about the weather around the village resort where we live.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Costa Rica weather synopsis. If your interest in the weather in Costa Rica stems from an interest in relocating to live here I would encourage you to do it. Take that step. You’ll be happy you did. Be sure to pick the place that’s right for you and your family. If you would like to know more about our village resort where we live in the mountains above the pacific ocean in the southern region, just fill in the form below. We have 770 acres of amazing land to share…

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Cost To Live In Costa Rica Is Relative

The cost to live in Costa Rica is not set in stone. Depending on ones habits it would be easy to spend many thousands a month in this beautiful country eating out every night and buying all the expensive amenities that one might be used to if they moved from a big city in the US for example. Everything is relative. Perhaps you are thinking of a Costa Rica retirement plan and want to live on a certain budget. The great news is you can live here for less than you can virtually anywhere in the US. But don’t take that to mean that everything costs less here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some things cost quite a bit more here than they would back in the United States.

To give you a basic overview of how most prices on things here compare to the US I’ve compiled the following guidelines based solely on my own experiences. I have found the cost to live in Costa Rica and eat out is equivalent to the cost of eating out in Los Angeles where I moved from. I don’t think it costs more or less to eat out in Costa Rica so in that category you’ll break about even. I have found that beer costs quite a bit more here on average. In fact, the beer that I enjoy here costs more than Newcastle does (Newcastle is my preferred beer of choice)… Bavaria Negra is the only beer that comes remotely close to Newcastle but it costs more than $10 per 6 pack in some places and that’s in cans for crying out loud. I have found it for as low as $8.40 in a couple of places so that’s where I buy it now.

Buying your basic fruits and vegetables here is extremely cheap however, a few things like mushrooms, a more gourmet item, will cost you more here. Buying processed food is more expensive. Snack foods like potato chips are very expensive. By eating healthy food you can get the most savings. Wow, it’s exactly like it should be! Prepare your own food healthy food and you can save a bundle. What a concept. Grow your own food and you can save even more.

Gasoline costs more here. It is presently $5.60 a gallon as I write this article. I recommend buying a diesel 4 x 4 if you are going to buy a car and live outside the city. The diesel cars and trucks get great mileage and the fuel costs less than gasoline. Public transportation I am told is very good and very cheap so if you can get around by bus you’ll save a bundle there as well. Entertainment is relatively cheap here. You probably won’t spend as much in that area if you decide to go through with your Costa Rica retirement plan.

Farmers markets are cropping up all over the southern area near the sustainable community called Osa Mountain Village. The quality of the foods from them is very good. Residents of Osa Mountain Village will have their own farmers market right on the property and the food will be freely distributed to all residents. It’s a benefit included in the $150 per month HOA fees one pays if they own a villa in phase one of the community.

All in all, the cost to live in Costa Rica is only less if you adopt a more Tico way of living. By doing so you can live pretty cheaply like many citizens of Costa Rica already do. By doing so in the right place you can have your money go even further than you ever thought possible.

If you are looking for a way to utilize money you have in a retirement plan or bank account to relocate to Costa Rica consider purchasing a villa at Osa Mountain Village Phase one. It is a great opportunity because no matter what happens with the economy you win. If the economy continues downhill in the world Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live an abundant life outside of the chaos engulfing much of the world. The sustainable, food producing community model offers a safe haven amidst it all. And if by good grace the economy improves, Osa Mountain Village Resort is becoming the premier eco resort of the southern zone of Costa Rica. With a good economy comes tourists which will bring income to owners through businesses and the lucrative rental pool program for those that want to use their villa as an income property. Find out more by filling in the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.

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World Class Single Track Mountain Biking In Southern Costa Rica

Bob Swanson has been into biking for many years. In fact, at one time he worked with Lance Armstrong, but his passion has always been in mountain biking. Last year he was introduced to Osa Mountain Village and immediately saw the potential of this sustainable resort in the mountains of southern Costa Rica as a perfect place for a single track mountain biking location. Today he is in the process of creating what is to be the first single track mountain biking destination in the Central America. Bob has brought in experts in the field of sustainable trail building and plans on building approximately 40 kilometers of trails that will range from beginner to expert in difficulty.

The trails are being built as this is being written by some experts in the field of sustainable trail building. Bob has called upon some of his many friends and contacts from the Mountain Biking Association he belongs too for help. He says that the trails will have no more than a 5 percent grade going up or down and that there will be several swinging bridges as part of the single track where cutting trail was simply impossible. When he talks about the project one can’t help but feel the enthusiasm he has for what he is doing and I have to admit it does sound amazing. Eventually he plans on bringing in people from all over the world and to conduct races at Osa Mountain Village. Bob says the adventure seekers that make up the mountain biking community are the types that also love stuff like waterfall rappelling, kayaking, ziplines, whitewater rafting, and camping in the rainforest jungle. The trails on the Osa Mountain Resort property that sits high above the Osa Peninsula in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica are all being built with the environment in mind.

Below is a short video interview with Bob Swanson and some of his friends that are making this a reality faster than you can say single track.

Discover the eco adventure lifestyle in paradise at Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community. Find out more now by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions. It doesn’t have to be chaos everyday. Pura Vida!

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Permaculture Food Forest Being Planted At Osa Mountain Village

Jarret Wald had no idea he would be living permanently in Costa Rica when he came to visit Osa Mountain Village with his sister Leigha and her soon to be husband Robin Nordling. Robin & Leigha were buying a home site on the 770 acre property and so was Leigha’s father Jerry Wald, but Jarret was simply coming down to visit and see what all the fuss was about. That visit turned into a permanent position as the man in charge of setting up the permaculture inspired food forest that is currently being planted.

Jarret’s interest in the property grew as he saw all the amazing things taking place and captured the fever that seems to infect people as they get a glimpse of the vision that Jim Gale has for the community. Soon Jarret was taking courses in permaculture design and principles to implement at Osa Mountain Village to feed the growing community. Eventually there will be in the neighborhood of around 170 residences on the property, many of which will be full time residents with the rest being used part time by their owner and in the rental pool for the years duration. Residents will pay a small monthly fee of $150 for all the food they can eat that is grown on site. Already there are thousands of fruit trees.

Greenhouses will be reconstructed on the property soon after being dismantled at their previous location on the coast at sea level which proved to be a little too hot for ideal growing conditions. The property is at 2,000 feet elevation and offers cooler temperatures to the tune of about 10 to 15 degrees on average throughout the day. This makes Osa Mountain Village the perfect climate for both living and growing amazing food. Jarret is also in charge of getting the Tilapia ponds filled and producing fish for the community. Jarret has found a new home at Osa Mountain Village and is known as the guy that always has a smile on his face. If you have a chance to visit Osa Mountain Village be sure to take the permaculture tour which is known as the People, Community & Planet Eco Tour. It highlights the food production and sustainable living practices being used at Osa Mountain Village to create an environmentally and eco-friendly community in a place that is truly a paradise. Catch the interview with Jarret in the video below to discover a taste of what is making Osa Mountain Village one of the best selling developments in all of Costa Rica…

Looking for a way to live a more sustainable life? Find out more about Osa Mountain Village by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions.

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Three Bedroom Villas With Beautiful Finishes

Check out the video below for a tour of one of the three bedroom villa floor plans at Osa Mountain Village. There are two other floor plans available as well to suit your design preferences. This unit features a raised ceiling with extra high walls and a spacious kitchen with island. Other designs available may have larger patios, vaulted ceilings or extra closet space for someone using their villa as a permanent residence. The average square footage of the 3 bedroom villa is about 1,600 square feet of indoor and covered patio space.

The jungle views from all the phase one villas are up close and personal. The area is teaming with wildlife and an abundance of things to do with 770 acres of rainforest to call your playground. Try the ziplines or a trek through the jungle canyoning and rappelling down several of the waterfall on the property. If you are really adventuresome you can rappel down the “big one” which is 100 meters tall. You can also take a tour of the permaculture area and natural food forest that Jarret is creating on the property to keep the residents well fed on healthy organic fruits and vegetables. There is also a chicken coop where fresh eggs are collected every day and fresh chickens and Tilapia will be available for residents in the near future.

Speaking of food, the local area boasts some of the best restaurants in Costa Rica. Exotica and Citrus are two restaurants that will please even the most discerning restaurant critic with their menu selection, ambiance, service, presentation, value and tasty cuisine. Also worth mentioning is a place called Tilapias Del Pavon where you can catch your dinner in one of their ponds and the chef will cook it for you on the spot. It’s a great place to bring the kids. The river that runs adjacent to their property has some incredible swimming holes too. I also must make a recommendation to visit Villas Gaia for breakfast and dinner. In the morning they offer egg crepe pancakes that are out of this world and on their dinner menu I have an addiction to their eggplant enchiladas. I just can’t get enough of them. The service is fantastic and the value is too.

To learn how you can be the next home owner at Osa Mountain Village fill in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer all your questions about the amazing community being rapidly created.

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Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community

What Is The Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development master plan of Osa Mountain Village

Osa Mountain Village is a sustainable development with a unique concept for living in paradise. It is a master-planned intentional community which on the surface may first appear to look a little bit like a commune… but it is not a commune. It is a sustainable development that takes the idea of eco-friendly and sustainable building principles based on permaculture design and combines it with a rich and fulfilling lifestyle filled with fun and exciting things to do in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is an intentional community where the residents can own a home, and a business if they desire, and live a very comfortable life of abundance on as little as $500 per month in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Download a document that explains our sustainable development & intentional community here.

Click on the Master Plan above to view an enlarged copy

Where Is This Intentional Community Located?

Osa Mountain Village Intentional Community Location

Osa Mountain Village is located in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica between Palmar Norte to the south and Puerto Cortez to the north. The property starts at about 1,400 feet and goes to 3,000 feet elevation. The entire property is approximately 780 acres. The community itself sits on about 50 acres at about 2,000 feet elevation. The remaining 730 acres is primary old-growth forest that will remain undeveloped and used by the various businesses that provide adventure tours such as a horseback riding tours, walking, hiking and camping tours, zipline canopy tours, waterfall rappelling tours, a fantastic bird watching tour and more. We are presently looking for individuals and families that want to make a break from the hectic pace of living for a simpler lifestyle that will be full of abundance but not cost an arm and a leg to live.

Click on the Google Map above to view an enlarged copy

What Do We Mean By “Sustainable Development”?

Using green energy is a must for sustainability

By sustainable development we mean that we plan to be 100% off the grid at some time in the future. Our goal is to produce 80% of our food on-site. This food belongs to the members of the community, which will greatly reduce the monthly food costs of the residents. Couple that with the use of green energy from solar power sources and mini hydro-electric plants along the mile of river that flows through the property for generating our own electricity and you have the beginning of a sustainable development. Each unit owner will pay $150/month (not per person) into the community kitty to support the process. With labor costing us under $500/month per full-time person, we will have over $20,000 per month going towards food production and common-area maintenance.

Water Sustainability Is An Important Consideration

water sustainability is of prime importance

By far one of most crucial elements on the planet and the easiest to pollute. A sustainable development of any kind can not claim to be ecologically conscious if there is no thought to how water is handled. The water systems at Osa Mountain Village are being designed to not only harvest clean pure mountain water, but also recycle it through a treatment system using both biological and technological systems that will allow the waste water to be filtered and used again. There is no reason for the natural water systems to be destroyed or depleted. We believe it is not only possible for humans to live in harmony with the planet, but that it is our obligation and that water sustainability is of prime importance.

A Sustainable Food Supply Is Key

A sustainable food supply is as importance as green energy

A sustainable development must have a sustainable food supply in order to survive. That’s why thousands of fruit trees, humane animal husbandry, gardens and fish ponds are currently being integrated at the village. We have already planted over 2,000 fruit trees including 5 kinds of oranges and several types of avocados and we will be using a verticle system for growing our veggies, herbs and spices. This system allows us to grow vast quantities of veggies in a relatively small area. Other tree plantings are being scheduled right now as well! We will also be raising our own chickens, pigs and tilapia providing poultry, eggs, pork and fresh water fish on site. We hired Paulo Fearron, a graduate of Earth University, to assist us with this process of food production. Imagine catching your own fish in one of the tilapia ponds, then strolling through the gardens for some fresh rosemary, and then maybe grabbing some plantanos (plantain bananas) to bring to dinner. Food production and food sustainability is part of the infrastructure of the village and is as important as green energy or any aspect of sustainable building.

What About Entertainment & Business Sustainability?

Ecotourism & Entertainment leads to business sustainability

A sustainable development must have sources of entertainment and the biggest cost besides food is exactly that… entertainment. Our intentional community will have a full-time concierge/event coordinator who will constantly be planning for the next community event. Things like Texas Hold-em tourney, along with pool activities and BBQ parties will be weekly events. They will also plan beach trips, shopping trips and excursions for the residents and visitors. By structuring our intentional community in this way we create business sustainability too. We will use our crops to trade for other items that we don’t raise or grow on site and have fun doing it. For instance we will have days where those community members that want to participate can join together and make mango jelly. We will have more mangoes than the community can possibly eat so we will put them to good use. Business sustainability will lead to community profit which will enhance the lives of everyone living at Osa Mountain Village. There will never be shortage of things to do at Osa Mountain Village and our community will be able to profit tremendously through ecotourism… the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry by offering eco tours along with adventure tours while showing a world class model of what it means to live sustainably.

What’s Right For A Sustainable Development Is Right For A Sustainable World

A sustainable world starts with sustainable developments

Awareness is growing and those who have studied the topic in depth know how fragile our planet is and that more effort should be made to assure ourselves of a lasting Mother Earth. A sustainable world starts with rethinking how communities are built. During our everyday lives, we are forced to distance ourselves from the reality of our future. It is not set in stone, nor will it come to us naturally. We will force our hand and assure a generation of individuals who desire to take first position and do what it takes to make certain that our children and our grand children have a clean and pure environment in which to live. And, just as important, the mindset to be able to handle the challenges of the required effort to live sustainably. We believe the Osa Mountain Village sustainable development will be a model for intentional communities around the world both immediately and for the future and it already is drawing the attention of the local government and receiving praise.

Phase One Is The Heart Of Our Intentional Community…

The heart of our sustainable development is phase one.

Osa Mountain Village announces commencement of construction on Phase I of its unique sustainable development and intentional community concept. The development will consist of 150 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom villas, restaurant, community center, a large grass field for games, ranchos, barbecue areas, gym and other amenities. An 11-line, 15-platform canopy tour, canyoning adventure (rappelling through waterfalls) and Tarzan Swing are already open. Horseback riding as well as wildlife, waterfall and eco hiking and camping tours will be coming to the property soon.

The villas range from 900-1,630 square feet of total living space including patio areas and include eco-friendly construction, granite or bamboo counters and patios with the customary Costa Rican hammock. Prices start at US $124,000 to own a villa. Fractional units are also available starting at US $20,000 for a 4 week share. Fractional units come fully furnished with everything needed to start renting or enjoying immediately.

The President Of The Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Development

Jim Gale, president of the sustainable development known as Osa Mountain Village

“I am so excited the construction phase has begun,” says Jim Gale, President. “People have been enjoying the canopy tour since it opened in May and, while at the property, they ask about our sustainable development. The response has been overwhelming! With our own sustainable food production, fun things to do on-site and quick access to other areas, we envision our residents being able to live comfortably for about $500 per month.”

A former mortgage broker, Mr. Gale’s paradigm changed with the birth of his first daughter, Amelia. It was then that he started questioning the way communities exist and how they relate to creating a sustainable world as a whole. His idea became “Osa Mountain Village”, an intentional community of abundance, fun, security and learning. The World Institute For Sustainability & Education, otherwise known as W.I.S.E., is also opened their first classes January 2010. It is located adjacent to Osa Mountain Village.

Contact Us Today…

To learn about how you could own a villa for less than you might imagine fill out the contact form below and a representative will be in contact with you soon. Please be sure to include the phone numbers where you can be reached in the message box.

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One Bedroom Villas In Phase One Of Osa Mountain Village

Phase one villas at Osa Mountain Village come in 4 designs. Below you can catch a video tour of the one bedroom model. These beautiful homes are value priced well below market value. Sales have been among the highest in the country for the last 18 months making Osa Mountain Village one of the most successful developments in Central America. Jim Gale, the developer, and his team are confident that phase one will be completely sold out in just a few more months. These villas are spacious and have exquisite finishes such as granite counter tops and solid hardwood cabinetry. There are several upgrades available to choose from as well. Tile is standard in the villas but you can choose to upgrade to Brazilian Cherry wood floors if you want to splurge for a nominal up charge.

Villas in phase one are sold in 4 week fractional shares. To purchase the entire villa at an enormous discount off the 4 week share price you simple buy 13 fractional shares and the villa is yours. One of the great advantages of the fractional model is that you have the ability to put it into the rental pool and collect an income stream from your unit. You also have the ability to use any size unit in the rental pool by trading the rental credits you receive for putting your unit into the rental pool towards any size unit in the pool. As an example a one bedroom villa receives one rental credit for each day it is in the rental pool. So if you have your one bedroom villa in the rental pool for 28 days you have 28 credits to use towards any size unit if you want to visit. A 3 bedroom villa costs 2 credits a day in the program so you can use your 28 credits to stay for 14 days in the three bedroom villa if that size villa suits your needs better on a particular visit. The rental credit system also enables all of the profits to be shared equally among all rental units in the rental pool.

Learn more by filling in the form below…

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Local Artist Uses Aztec Theme For Community Center At Osa Mountain Village

The new community center at Osa Mountain Village is being decorated in an Aztec theme by a local artist named Sasha who resides in San Isidro. In the video below you can see some of his beautiful art work and get a glimpse of what’s to come as this incredible development grows into an amazing resort and residential community. Already there are families living at Osa Mountain Village and many more will be calling it home in next 6 months. Robin & Leigha Nordling recently returned to their former home in Canada to be wed and they will be the first residents to have a new born baby at Osa Mountain Village. She is due later this year.

The food distribution center is expected to open around June 15th and will be owned and operated by Ricardo Campos. Ricardo is already living at Osa Mountain Village and has been for quite some time. He plans to offer a prepaid meal plan for those who don’t want to bother with cooking everyday. The idea is that a guest or resident can pre-order a certain number of breakfast, lunch or dinner meals for the month ahead of time and receive a different home cooked meal each day. From what we have been told, Ricardo is a great cook and will be using his expertise to provide a variety of nutritious and tasty meals throughout the month. Ricardo’s wife, Marva, will be joining him soon to add her expertise as well. She is a graduate of Cordon Bleu specializing in deserts! Yum!!!

Numerous custom homes are scheduled to begin construction with local builders and villa construction in phase one is rapidly moving forward. At the present rate of sales it is expected that all custom home lots will be sold out by the end of summer and at the time of writing this post phase one villas are more than 50% sold out and will most likely be sold out by fall of 2011. If you are interested in living in a place where people care about the environment with a real sense of community, Osa Mountain Village may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Jim Gale is the developer and has been producing some videos to show the progress. Check out the one below.

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