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When it comes to a dollar drop and hyperinflation it seems that most people living in the US want to ignore that which seems so obvious to me. I also know there are a lot of people who feel the same way that I do as well. So, I would like to share my solution to those people interested in saving their family from a dollar collapse and extreme hyper inflation before it’s too late. I want to begin by saying that I feel blessed to have discovered Osa Mountain Village and consider myself very lucky that I saw early enough on that the economy was not going to improve in time to save my family and me. I was still in a position to do something to protect my family from a dollar drop, or dollar collapse. Perhaps that’s where you or someone you know is at right now. They’re trying to figure out how to protect their family now and be prepared before the storm hits just like I am doing…

“What to do before a massive dollar drop & hyper inflation hits…”

On March 1st, 2011 I moved my family down to Costa Rica to an under-construction, sustainable, resort development called Osa Mountain Village. It was our only option. My wife and I had invested in the development with our IRA’s years before and the project was ready to move forward having obtained all necessary permits and plans. The development being “created” is a food-producing community that employs local citizens to help run the development. We pay only $150 per month to the HOA which is for access to food produced on site, fresh water, and use of community areas as well as the 750 acres of old growth rain forest.

Many other people have now started moving to Osa Mountain Village too. Most of them are thinking that the US economy is doomed and that a dollar drop is inevitable and hyperinflation will soon be the result of years of wreck-less spending by the US government. I tend to agree with their sentiments and hope for the best. My sisters, mother, father, nieces and nephews, in-laws and many friends still live in the US. Some of them think I am crazy and others have since bought a villa at Osa Mountain Village as a back up plan because they too think the US economy is going to tank soon.

Fool Proof Protection Against A Dollar Drop & Hyperinflation

I see it this way… If the economy stays flat or improves Osa Mountain Village is becoming the premier eco resort in the southern zone of Costa Rica. My wife and I are to be concierge for the resort once it is fully operational and business should be great if the economy is good. If the economy continues downhill and there is a dollar drop followed by hyperinflation Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live during the chaos. For now we help out with many things to grow the community and bring together like minded people. We eat organically grown fruits, veggies, chicken and eggs, locally caught, fresh seafood and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than when we were living in the states.

If you are interested in living a more sustainable life in a tropical paradise with active, adventure-oriented people from all walks of life, fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly about purchase options at Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community.

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