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I am not an expert Costa Rica weather man but I have visited most of the regions of Costa Rica and can tell you a little about the Costa Rica weather in general. Especially where we live in the southern zone on the coast just north of the Osa Peninsula. We being me, my wife, my daughter and our dog. So that’s where I’ll start.

The Osa area is lush and green all year long due to receiving 196 inches or so of rain a year. Days are usually bright and sunny every morning and the temperature will depend on what elevation you’re at. At ocean level or a little above it will be in the 90’s. If you go up a little in elevation where the development is where we live the temperature is a cooler 75 to 80 range usually with a slight breeze. One of the big reasons I moved to this region was because of the warm climate. Bring light clothes and sandals to this area.

The pacific north area is less rained on and has a dry season where much of the landscape turns brown. The temperatures here also get hotter and there are less mountains to find shelter from the heat. Bring clothes you wear when it is hot to this region.

The inland north is rolling hills and volcanos and much cooler temperatures. The breezes here can get quite strong. People in this area where jackets a lot of the time. Some areas are cloudy much of the time creating cloud forests where the landscape is different due to plants that don’t grow anywhere except in a cloud forest. Bring warm clothes to this area.

The inland valley is where most of the people live and is at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. It’s very nice Costa Rica weather here. The temp stays an average of 72 all year. It rains regularly and keeps things green most of the year.

The eastern side of the country is wet a lot of the year like the southern pacific side. Be sure to bring clothes you would wear when it is hot and humid.

The central south of the country has mountains that go very high in altitude. This area can get quite cold during the day and even more so at night. Mt. Chirripo is at over 12,000 feet and is the highest point within the country. Bring warm clothes and jackets to this region of the country.

The video below is of Jim Gale talking about the weather around the village resort where we live.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Costa Rica weather synopsis. If your interest in the weather in Costa Rica stems from an interest in relocating to live here I would encourage you to do it. Take that step. You’ll be happy you did. Be sure to pick the place that’s right for you and your family. If you would like to know more about our village resort where we live in the mountains above the pacific ocean in the southern region, just fill in the form below. We have 770 acres of amazing land to share…

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