Sunday, September 4, 2011

Costa Rica Homes With Two Bedroom Loft Design

Take a video tour of one of the Costa Rica homes in Osa Mountain Villages phase one community. These two bedroom, two story villas are finished with high-end solid wood cabinetry and granite counter tops. There are many nice areas to find houses in Costa Rica but few locations can compare to the beauty of the Osa Pennisula region or boast the kind of success that Osa Mountain Village has been experiencing over the last 18 months. With numerous homes already finished and many more in differing stages of construction the place is beginning to take on the shape of real community.

There is quite a bit of construction happening in common areas as well. At the moment crews are working on the completion of a pool, rancho and community center that will be serving up tasty food to guests and residents. The pool itself is a modern marvel using a state-of-the-art system that does not require any chemicals. It is not a salt water pool either. The system is designed by EcoSmarte and uses electricity to discharge copper and titanium particles into the fresh water along with CO2 injections to keep the pool sanitized. It is the latest and greatest technology available in managing a chemical free pool. It might even be safe to say Osa Mountain Village has the first pool in Costa Rica built with this new technology.

There has also been some recent upgrading of the internet on the property too. A new tower was installed that is getting wireless internet to most of the existing homes too. Very soon we are expecting an increase of up to 16 times the bandwidth we are receiving now which should bring our internet up to US standards. We will keep you posted as these things happen. In the mean time, enjoy the video below as Jim Gale takes you on a personal tour of one of the loft unit two bedroom Costa Rica homes located within the Osa Mountain Village sustainable community.

If you are considering ways to invest your money in Costa Rica consider a villa at Osa Mountain Village. It is a great opportunity because no matter what happens with the economy because you win regardless. If the economy continues downhill in the world Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live abundantly outside of the rat race engulfing much of the world. The sustainable, food producing community model offers a safe haven amidst it all. And if we get lucky and the economy improves, Osa Mountain Village Resort is becoming the premier eco resort in the southern zone of Costa Rica. Real Estate property values will most likely go up in the southern zone of Costa Rica with a new airport slated for the area. Tourists will bring income to owners through business and the lucrative rental pool program for those that want to use their villa as an income property. Find out more by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly.

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