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Resort Community Flourishing Despite Dismal Global Economy

A resort community in the southern zone of Costa Rica is flourishing despite a dismal global economy. The community is called Osa Mountain Village and is not what one might think of when conjuring up an image of typical resort communities. Osa Mountain Village Resort is breaking all the molds and usual ideologies surrounding the term “resort community”. Despite the economy globally being in a downturn Osa Mountain Village Resort is flourishing and may be the best selling development in all of Costa Rica. At least that’s what local real estate agents have been saying when they visit the sustainable development that is being called by residents “the most amazing community on the planet”.

Other local projects have been stagnant in these tough times but the unique model of a food producing, sustainable resort community combined with all the basic luxuries one might be used to living in a big city has set this development apart from the rest of the herd. It seems to be attracting people from all walks of life that are interested in living a simpler lifestyle where keeping up with the Joneses is not the priority. And people are visiting and buying faster than the builder, Gary Morris, can build. Eventually the unique development will have approximately 170 residences with many of the buyers planning on living at Osa Mountain Village full time in the near future.

From an investment standpoint Osa Mountain Village looks like a market proof place to put ones money. If the economy improves or stays flat OMV is quickly becoming known as a premier adventure resort in the southern zone around the Osa Peninsula area. If the global economy continues its dismal decline further, buyers at Osa Mountain Village Resort Community will be living in an amazing place safe from the chaos that a poor global economy always brings with it. Buyers not planning on living in their villa can put their investment to work placing it in the rental pool and earn a nice income while keeping it as a safe place to go to should things get really bad. Many buyers have been using their 401K’s and IRA accounts to purchase at the resort community without penalty by transferring their accounts to companies offering self directed retirement plans. This has surely been an added bonus for the developers as well as the buyers and has helped the flourishing resort community continue its fast paced growth.

Osa Mountain Village has released only phase 1 and phase 3 for sale at this time. Phase 1 consists of beautiful 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas and phase 3 consists of custom home sites. Phase 1 is approximately 50% sold out and phase 3 is about 80% sold out with less than 10 custom home lots remaining. Phase 2 and phase 4 will consist of condos and villas with some of the most amazing ocean views anyone could ever hope for and are expected to be released later this year or early next year. High end finishes and a low buy in price make purchase options very attractive. Residents of the resort community pay only $150 per month in HOA dues which includes access to free organic food grown on the 770 acres which make up the development. It just goes to show that a flourishing resort community is absolutely possible despite a dismal global economy if you think outside the box.

For more information about this incredible community use the box below to inquire and someone will contact you shortly.

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Costa Rica Weather … What’s It Like?

I am not an expert Costa Rica weather man but I have visited most of the regions of Costa Rica and can tell you a little about the Costa Rica weather in general. Especially where we live in the southern zone on the coast just north of the Osa Peninsula. We being me, my wife, my daughter and our dog. So that’s where I’ll start.

The Osa area is lush and green all year long due to receiving 196 inches or so of rain a year. Days are usually bright and sunny every morning and the temperature will depend on what elevation you’re at. At ocean level or a little above it will be in the 90′s. If you go up a little in elevation where the development is where we live the temperature is a cooler 75 to 80 range usually with a slight breeze. One of the big reasons I moved to this region was because of the warm climate. Bring light clothes and sandals to this area.

The pacific north area is less rained on and has a dry season where much of the landscape turns brown. The temperatures here also get hotter and there are less mountains to find shelter from the heat. Bring clothes you wear when it is hot to this region.

The inland north is rolling hills and volcanos and much cooler temperatures. The breezes here can get quite strong. People in this area where jackets a lot of the time. Some areas are cloudy much of the time creating cloud forests where the landscape is different due to plants that don’t grow anywhere except in a cloud forest. Bring warm clothes to this area.

The inland valley is where most of the people live and is at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. It’s very nice Costa Rica weather here. The temp stays an average of 72 all year. It rains regularly and keeps things green most of the year.

The eastern side of the country is wet a lot of the year like the southern pacific side. Be sure to bring clothes you would wear when it is hot and humid.

The central south of the country has mountains that go very high in altitude. This area can get quite cold during the day and even more so at night. Mt. Chirripo is at over 12,000 feet and is the highest point within the country. Bring warm clothes and jackets to this region of the country.

The video below is of Jim Gale talking about the weather around the village resort where we live.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Costa Rica weather synopsis. If your interest in the weather in Costa Rica stems from an interest in relocating to live here I would encourage you to do it. Take that step. You’ll be happy you did. Be sure to pick the place that’s right for you and your family. If you would like to know more about our village resort where we live in the mountains above the pacific ocean in the southern region, just fill in the form below. We have 770 acres of amazing land to share…

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Costa Rica Map

Looking for a Costa Rica map to help you plan your next visit. Below are several maps that will help you in your quest to plan the perfect Costa Rica vacation. You’ll also find links to maps for specific purposes on this page. All in all, this page is your one stop Costa Rica map source. And if you have any questions we are here to help. Just use the form at the bottom of this page to ask any questions and we will be in touch shortly.

Costa Rica Regions Map

Costa Rica is broken up into 8 major regions, each with differences in landscape and climate. Below is a regions map of Costa Rica.

[caption id="attachment_2790" align="alignright" width="575" caption="Costa Rica Regions Map"]costa rica regions map[/caption]


Costa Rica Elevations Map

To plan a great vacation and see the best Costa Rica has to offer would really depend on what types of things you are interested in seeing and doing. From a geography standpoint Costa Rica is a highly diverse country going from sea level to over 12,000 feet in elevation. The highest point in the country being Mt. Chirripo, near San Isidro. Below is an elevations map of Costa Rica.

[caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignright" width="574" caption="Costa Rica Elevations Map"]costa rica elevations map[/caption]

Costa Rica Major Roads Map

Costa Rica is made up of mostly unpaved roads of dirt and rock that will get you to almost anyplace in the country excepting the most remote areas. There is also a network of major paved roads in the country to help you cruise quickly from one region to another. It is always a good idea to rent a 4×4 car when you are going to be moving around in Costa Rica. Taxi’s can be expensive and limiting to your overall adventure. Just be sure not to speed even a little bit. Tickets can be expensive. Below is a map of the major road ways in Costa Rica.

[caption id="attachment_2788" align="alignright" width="575" caption="Costa Rica Major Roads Map"]costa rica road map, costa rica roadmap[/caption]

Osa Area Map

We are here to help you with planning your trip too. We are located in Costa Rica near the Osa Pennisula and if we might make a suggestion, plan part of your trip in the southern pacific zone for at least several days. It is one of the most bio-diverse and exotic tropical locations in all of Central America. Below is a map of the Osa Peninsula area.

[caption id="attachment_2787" align="alignright" width="574" caption="Osa Peninsula Map"]Osa Peninsula Map[/caption]

Discover paradise and live there. Osa Mountain Village is growing into the most amazing community on the planet with diverse people from around the world calling it home. The food producing community model allows for abundant living for less than you might think. The resort atmosphere provides for a relaxing lifestyle with many things to do ranging from adventure activities to dining out at exotic restaurants within a short drive of the community.

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Maps on this page are courtesy of Costa Rica Guides

Where To Go In Costa Rica

Are you planning a trip and wondering where to go in Costa Rica? With so many beautiful places in the country to visit you could spend a lot of time choosing and modifying your plans and unless you plan to spend a month or two there traveling around you would have a hard time taking in the whole country and getting the real feel of pura vida living. One could say the term “pura vida” refers to a life philosophy and directly translated means “pure life”. It is a customary saying to hear when greeting or saying goodbye to someone. Culturally there are some differences between the east coast and west coast of the country with the east coast having a bit more of a Jamaican influence and the west coast having a bit more of a gringo influence. Both areas of the country offer abundant wildlife to see and some great beaches on which to spend a day lounging around. There is an abundance of activities to keep you occupied on either shore.

I personally love the mysteriousness of the cloud forest areas of the country a lot although I would not want to live there. I prefer to have more sun like they get on the southern pacific coast of the country. The southern coast has a lot to offer in terms of attractions for both tourists and people looking at a Costa Rica retirement. It is a great are with a new golf course in the town of San Buena Ventura. The San Buenas Golf Resort spans several hundred acres and is bound to be a great place to live in the southern zone.

Another amazing project that is turning heads is the 770 acre development known as Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community. This incredible project is a food producing community that has great things going for it no matter what happens in the world economy. If the world economy gets worse there will be no better place to live than a safe place like Osa Mountain Village with healthy organic food, shelter and great friends with which to ride things out. On the other hand, if the economy takes a turn and gets better, owning at Osa Mountain Village will be a fantastic investment I believe. The incredible views from the 2,000 foot perch where phase two and phase 3 have panoramic views of the ocean and Sierpe Valley are jaw dropping to say the least. Many people have commented that it’s the best view they have ever seen in their life. One could retire and live on a very small amount of money at a place like Osa Mountain Village. Between $500 and $1,000 a month would be ample for living a simple, abundant lifestyle given all the amenities that come with ownership such as free food, community center and pool and rancho as well as exterior villa maintenance if you purchase in phase one.

Hopefully, you’ll find your own slice of paradise as you decide where to go in Costa Rica. There really isn’t a bad place in the whole country so relax and think pura vida thoughts. If you are already considering a Costa Rica retirement I think you will be happy here. It is not the same as Los Angeles where I moved from and now that I live here I like the differences and I bet you will too.

For information about the San Buenas Golf Resort or Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community please fill out the contact form below and your information will be forwarded to the appropriate people.

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Cost To Live In Costa Rica Is Relative

The cost to live in Costa Rica is not set in stone. Depending on ones habits it would be easy to spend many thousands a month in this beautiful country eating out every night and buying all the expensive amenities that one might be used to if they moved from a big city in the US for example. Everything is relative. Perhaps you are thinking of a Costa Rica retirement plan and want to live on a certain budget. The great news is you can live here for less than you can virtually anywhere in the US. But don’t take that to mean that everything costs less here. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some things cost quite a bit more here than they would back in the United States.

To give you a basic overview of how most prices on things here compare to the US I’ve compiled the following guidelines based solely on my own experiences. I have found the cost to live in Costa Rica and eat out is equivalent to the cost of eating out in Los Angeles where I moved from. I don’t think it costs more or less to eat out in Costa Rica so in that category you’ll break about even. I have found that beer costs quite a bit more here on average. In fact, the beer that I enjoy here costs more than Newcastle does (Newcastle is my preferred beer of choice)… Bavaria Negra is the only beer that comes remotely close to Newcastle but it costs more than $10 per 6 pack in some places and that’s in cans for crying out loud. I have found it for as low as $8.40 in a couple of places so that’s where I buy it now.

Buying your basic fruits and vegetables here is extremely cheap however, a few things like mushrooms, a more gourmet item, will cost you more here. Buying processed food is more expensive. Snack foods like potato chips are very expensive. By eating healthy food you can get the most savings. Wow, it’s exactly like it should be! Prepare your own food healthy food and you can save a bundle. What a concept. Grow your own food and you can save even more.

Gasoline costs more here. It is presently $5.60 a gallon as I write this article. I recommend buying a diesel 4 x 4 if you are going to buy a car and live outside the city. The diesel cars and trucks get great mileage and the fuel costs less than gasoline. Public transportation I am told is very good and very cheap so if you can get around by bus you’ll save a bundle there as well. Entertainment is relatively cheap here. You probably won’t spend as much in that area if you decide to go through with your Costa Rica retirement plan.

Farmers markets are cropping up all over the southern area near the sustainable community called Osa Mountain Village. The quality of the foods from them is very good. Residents of Osa Mountain Village will have their own farmers market right on the property and the food will be freely distributed to all residents. It’s a benefit included in the $150 per month HOA fees one pays if they own a villa in phase one of the community.

All in all, the cost to live in Costa Rica is only less if you adopt a more Tico way of living. By doing so you can live pretty cheaply like many citizens of Costa Rica already do. By doing so in the right place you can have your money go even further than you ever thought possible.

If you are looking for a way to utilize money you have in a retirement plan or bank account to relocate to Costa Rica consider purchasing a villa at Osa Mountain Village Phase one. It is a great opportunity because no matter what happens with the economy you win. If the economy continues downhill in the world Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live an abundant life outside of the chaos engulfing much of the world. The sustainable, food producing community model offers a safe haven amidst it all. And if by good grace the economy improves, Osa Mountain Village Resort is becoming the premier eco resort of the southern zone of Costa Rica. With a good economy comes tourists which will bring income to owners through businesses and the lucrative rental pool program for those that want to use their villa as an income property. Find out more by filling in the form below and a representative will contact you shortly.

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