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Superman Lives at the Longest Superman Line in the Western Hemisphere

Adventure seekers and adrenalin junkies around the world will be flocking to experience a Costa Rica adventure that will knock most peoples socks off. In the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica above the Osa Peninsula in the Fila Costena mountains engineers are busy constructing what will be the longest Superman Line in the western hemisphere.

At over 2 kilometers in length it will be approximately twice as long its closest competitor in Costa Rica. The ride will last around 2 minutes and will reach a top speed of 55 – 60 miles per hour. Riders will strap into a harness that holds them in a prone position and begin their rapid descent from 3,000 feet elevation and end the ride at 2,000 feet elevation.

The cable will zip the rider over the top of the rainforest canopy. In other sections the zip line will drop into the trees and go through tunnels cut specifically for the ride. It all makes for an experience that will leave most people breathless and wanting more.

The superman line will be located on the property owned by Osa Mountain Village Resort. OMV as it is called by residents is already home to one of the most talked about canopy tours and waterfall rappelling tours in Costa Rica. Plans to build one of the longest water slides in Costa Rica are also in the works.

The various tours are all run by residents that have purchased Costa Rica real estate in the form of villas or homes sites within the Osa Mountain Village Resort development. Some investors have bought a 4 week fractional share in the development just to be able to take advantage of the Costa Rica business opportunity that lies there.

The local residents have been very supportive of the sustainable community where all of this is taking place. Many locals are now working at the development helping with construction, maintenance or food production in the permaculture area.

The resort community offers travelers a place to experience adventure at their door step while staying in nicely finished villas at affordable rates.

World Class Single Track Mountain Biking In Southern Costa Rica

Bob Swanson has been into biking for many years. In fact, at one time he worked with Lance Armstrong, but his passion has always been in mountain biking. Last year he was introduced to Osa Mountain Village and immediately saw the potential of this sustainable resort in the mountains of southern Costa Rica as a perfect place for a single track mountain biking location. Today he is in the process of creating what is to be the first single track mountain biking destination in the Central America. Bob has brought in experts in the field of sustainable trail building and plans on building approximately 40 kilometers of trails that will range from beginner to expert in difficulty.

The trails are being built as this is being written by some experts in the field of sustainable trail building. Bob has called upon some of his many friends and contacts from the Mountain Biking Association he belongs too for help. He says that the trails will have no more than a 5 percent grade going up or down and that there will be several swinging bridges as part of the single track where cutting trail was simply impossible. When he talks about the project one can’t help but feel the enthusiasm he has for what he is doing and I have to admit it does sound amazing. Eventually he plans on bringing in people from all over the world and to conduct races at Osa Mountain Village. Bob says the adventure seekers that make up the mountain biking community are the types that also love stuff like waterfall rappelling, kayaking, ziplines, whitewater rafting, and camping in the rainforest jungle. The trails on the Osa Mountain Resort property that sits high above the Osa Peninsula in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica are all being built with the environment in mind.

Below is a short video interview with Bob Swanson and some of his friends that are making this a reality faster than you can say single track.

Discover the eco adventure lifestyle in paradise at Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community. Find out more now by filling in the form below and someone will contact you shortly to answer your questions. It doesn’t have to be chaos everyday. Pura Vida!

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Toucans At Osa Mountain Village

We have loads of wonderful wildlife at Osa Mountain Village. If you are an avid bird watcher you will find more species than you may be able to count living on and around the property. The video below shows a pair of Toucans chattering away with another unseen pair as well as the amazing view from one vantage point on the property. There are so many amazing animals in the jungle around the village like Tolomucos, Pizotes (also known as Coatimundi), Scarlet Macaws, parrots and hundreds of other bird species.

Tours of the rainforest under the canopy are available for a nominal fee as well as a variety of incredible adventure tours like waterfall rappelling, ziplines, jungle camping and more. There is also a walking tour that is fantastic for young kids and adults alike which explains sustainable living principles which we call the People, Community & Planet tour. It will show you the permaculture area where food is grown for the community, how a biodigester turns human excrement into methane gas for cooking (kids love this), the chicken and egg production, green houses for fragile vegetables, the food forest where thousands of fruit trees and more have been planted and how it all works together to create a cycle of sustainability. It will open your eyes to ways you can treat the planet better back at home. Soon there will be a butterfly and hummingbird garden, single track mountain biking to the tune of 40 kilometers of trails, a jungle water slide and more on site as well. Off property tours include kayaking adventures, whitewater rafting and inner tubing and soon there will be scuba diving and snorkeling off Canos Island, ocean sport fishing, pontoon style boat mangrove tours out of Sierpe in one of the largest mangrove forests in the western hemisphere, whale watching and dolphin tours off the coast of Uvita and more. The things to do at Osa Mountain Village are limited only by your imagination. Take some time to find out more about the community and you may be the next resident of this amazing place people from all over the world are calling home.

Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions And Other Things To Do

Costa Rica attractions include massage.

The Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Development is destined to become the premier resort in the southern pacific region offering spectacular Costa Rica attractions. Everything the vacationing visitor might need, want or be inclined to seek out will be found in the Osa Mountain business network.

The network will include everything to create a perfect vacation including spa and massage services, a butterfly farm and garden, a reptile and amphibian exhibit, world class dining, cafe and delicatessen, weddings, receptions and planning services, seminar and conference events and planning, corporate and team building events, a wildlife rehabilitation center, child adventure and learning activities and care services, car rental, grocery and sundries, weight loss programs, medical recovery, yoga retreat, and more adventure tours than you can imagine.

The majority of the businesses that will become a part of the Osa Mountain Village business network have not been spoken for yet. We are presently looking for entrepreneurs that want to get away from the everyday rat race and come live a life of fun and excitement in paradise within an amazing community.

If that sounds like you and you prefer to run a non-adventurous type business we offer an abundance of opportunities to prosper. If you are serious about changing your life consider residency and starting a business at Osa Mountain Village. Your life will never be the same.

Book your adventure tours and help the kids at Refuge Of Love all at the same time when you make reservations through this website. A portion of every tour goes directly to programs that help the kids and the more bookings we receive the higher the percentage the refuge receives!

We can help you arrange your entire trip to Costa Rica. If you’re like most people you will want to visit several areas of the country to get a complete picture of the landscape, the people, the culture and incredible beauty that makes Costa Rica one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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Jungle Waterfall Rappelling To Re-Open Soon

The jungle waterfall rappelling tour was closed last year for some renovations. It will re-open soon with an even better tour with bigger waterfalls that were not included in the original tour. A new waterfall that measures 130 meters, or approximately 425 feet is included in the new tour. The tour will start out with smaller waterfalls to build the confidence of those taking the tour and end with the monster. Listen to what one woman had to say about the waterfall/zipline combination tour before the addition of this new waterfall…

“Just wanted to let you guys know how much Ben, Taylor and I enjoyed the waterfall rappelling tour. We’ve traveled to various locations and always seek out the adventure tours and your tour surpassed anything we have ever done…by far! It wasn’t just the waterfall rappelling which was incredibly exhilarating, it was also the trek through the muddy rainforest, wading through the river, the Tarzan swing and the ziplines! Your tour was a bargain for all the adventure we experienced. My only regret is that I didn’t have a waterproof camera to capture the events of the day! Thanks so much for making your tour the highlight of our vacation. We hope to see you again next year!”
~Lori Berey

Osa Hiking Tours is proud to be re-opening this incredible tour in its enhanced new form. Join them for an incredible day.

Osa Hiking Tours Is Now Open For Business

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The jungle camping tour is open for business on Osa Mountain. The first tour was given the last week of March and was a huge success. Tracy Tippin brought her two boys and two of their close friends to experience what spending a night in the rainforest is like. Tracy has been living in Costa Rica in Atenas for about 9 months and and has done many things with her kids since moving here.

In her own words here is what Tracy had to say about their experience…

“We all had a wonderful trip.  Everyone involved was so enthusiastic about what they were doing, it was fantastic.  The guides were very knowledgeable and it was a great learning experience for all of us.  The permaculture tour (People, Community & Planet Eco Tour) was a highlight and Jarret was so energetic about it, it’s influenced me do more research for my next house… I do have to say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had since I’ve been in Costa Rica.  It was really, really fantastic.  The boys couldn’t have been happier, and we all have excellent memories that will last a lifetime. You and your daughter (and Larry) were excellent hosts.  Thank you!  More pictures are one the way ;)

Spending a night in the jungle will probably be the most memorable thing you will do while visiting Costa Rica… if you have the courage. I would en-courage everyone that reads this post to give it a try. The night you spend in the jungle will stay with you for years to come and if you think you know what it’s like to camp because you have done it in the mountains of the USA, Canada or somewhere else… think again. Nothing can prepare you for spending a night deep in an Old Growth rainforest where insects, reptiles and amphibians rule the world.

New Adventures On The Osa Peninsula

Osa Canopy Tours opened their doors for business last August and was an immediate success. After 8 months of building one of the best zip line canopy tours in all of Costa Rica they were ready to let the public take a ride. It has been less than a year since they did their first tour and in May of 2010 they gave over 400 people the ride of their life.

The tour consists of 15 platforms, 11 cables, 3 rappelling stations all designed in an eco-friendly manner that allows the trees and platforms to grow together. The first zip line on the tour is 450 meters long! That’s almost half a kilometer and people that have taken the tour claim it is one of the best zip line tours in all of Costa Rica.

Osa Canopy Tours is offering a waterfall rappelling tour on the Osa Mountain Village property as well. They offer a combo tour that gives you both tours at a discount and an option to stay overnight too.

The video below shows Christian, co-owner and guide, launching from the first platform. Reserve your spot on the tour by clicking the Reservations link above.