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Scarlet’s Cafe Restaurant Costa Rica Opens Her Doors For Business

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Monday, August 22, was a big day for Ricardo Campos. It was the first day he was going to serve food from his kitchen in the Osa Mountain Village Resort community center. And it wasn’t going to be a small crowd. Over 40 people were coming to hear about permaculture, food production and the sustainable model the makes the resort communityunique from most others. Jim Gale and Jarret Wald were both to speak at the lunch time event. There was still much to do to set up the kitchen the morning of the event. Many things were still wrapped in the plastic protective covering the manufacturer shipped them in. With some volunteer help from Lisa Bronzi, Leigha Wald, Catherine Overturf & Jarvia Fishell they were able to serve everyone a wonderful Costa Rican Casado for lunch.

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Attendees had their choice of Chicken or Beef which was accompanied by salad, rice, beans and plantains. As you can see from the photos everyone was very happy. Ricardo is quite the cook himself but the real talk around town is that his wife, Marva, is a Cordon Bleu trained chef with a specialty in Pastries. We are expecting some pretty lavish deserts to be served at Scarlet’s Cafe when she returns and starts running the kitchen. Marva was not able to attend the grand opening of her restaurant due to prior commitments back in the United States that conflicted with the event. She will be returning soon though.

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Ricardo and Marva will be opening Scarlet’s Cafe restaurant Costa Rica on a regular basis in the near future. Everyone living in the community will have to work around their schedule until then. In the mean time, people can work up an appetite taking one of the many adventure tours offered at Osa Mountain Village Resort. It’s a great way to keep active and explore the best Costa Rica has to offer.

To discover how easily you could be living a new life in Costa Rica please fill out the form below and you’ll receive an invitation to our weekly webinar held every Thursday evening at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time…

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Why I Want to Live in Costa Rica

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What a nightmare………..

The airport was packed with everyone flying home to somewhere. Mostly Americans like me that would like to live in Costa Rica or move to Costa Rica permanently.

I got to the airport at 5:00am

My flight leaves at 6:55

2 hours… not problem… right?


I had to pay $30 extra for the big black box but I knew that before I left the resort community I was staying at down near the Osa Peninsula.

I waited through a huge line in security but then they saw duck tape, a tape measure, my mattress pump, two diamond grinder wheels and the small Makita grinder in my carry on. They/I broke the zipper getting it open and then they told me that I could not bring any of the above onto the plane. I told them I flew down with it from the US. “Does not matter” I am told. Living in Costa Rica the rules are different, you can’t take these things on board.

Now I have an hour left.

I have to go back and have the bag plastic wrapped to keep it closed ($12.00) then I cut to the front of the ticket line and tell them I need to ship the whole carry on. A third bag is $150.00.

I say nicely to the Tico lady at the ticket counter… “you have to be kidding me”. “I could have put these things into my green bag because it was under weight”. The black box weighted 50.5lbs and I didn’t weigh it ahead of time at the hotel because I had no scale. I got lucky there and they let it go. She feels very bad for me after I explain to her what happened. She then calls down to the baggage handler at the plane and asks them if they can get my green bag. “No it is already on the plane”. She calls again and she thinks we have enough time to get the bag off the plane and she will walk with me and get security to let me into the baggage claim area where you arrive in CR. I will then have to go through customs to get the bag back out, go across the street and back upstairs to the ticket counter with that bag and then take the illegal stuff out of the carry on and put it into the green duffle… then back through security and try to catch the plane I will go. She says, “I think we can do it!”

So she goes the back way. I have to go outside, down a flight of stairs to the arrival area, cross the street and wait for her and security. She shows up about 5 minutes later and she walks me to the oversize baggage area and we wait. 10 minutes go by and still no bag. It’s now 40 minutes to departure. She goes to call the guys outside. They found the bag (both of them… we only wanted one) and it is now coming in on the conveyor belt. She grabs a cart, I throw both bags on the cart and we run to customs. She gets customs to waive any review of the baggage.

We now go outside where we catch the taxi’s but we cannot take the cart across the street. She radios for a helper to help with the baggage. She takes off for the ticket counter and I follow the baggage guy to an elevator, go upstairs and cut to the front of the ticket line again. I now have to open up the shrink wrap on the carry on bag I had wrapped, get the illegal stuff out and put it into the green bag. After all of this now the green bag weighs too much! 5lbs to heavy. Nothing can come out except all the plastic bags of liquids and cosmetics. I throw the mouthwash and eye cleaner away… too much liquid to pass through security but now the carry on bag has to be re-wrapped because the zipper is still broken. A baggage handler at the ticket counter takes the bag and runs it back outside to the shrink wrappers, they re-wrap it for free and I then grab my passport, computer, and carry on and run to security and get in a bigger line than an hour ago… no way… I will not make it! The lady who took me downstairs now appears from nowhere and opens up the security chain and says, “you won’t make it…..come with me”. She takes me to the front of the line that checks the passports and then puts me at the head of the line with the conveyor x-ray machine. I strip down again, watch, belt, phone etc. The guy is looking at the machine and again stops it on the carry on bag. By this time the nice lady has finally left. These were, by the way, now different inspectors. The guy asks me what is in the bag. I tell him a tent, shoes and some other stuff, I have no idea what is in it by this time! He says, is there a “motor”. Oh crap, I forgot to take out the air pump. What the Hxxx? This is turning into something like the adventure tours I took last time I was down, only faster paced.

So he now cuts open the shrink wrap to get at the pump. He sees it, I turn it on. His eyes light up like, gee…. this is cool. He then takes the bag back through the machine and runs it again. He then lets me take the bag now half ripped opened in shrink wrap (looking like trailer trash now) and I grab the pump, try to stuff back in the shoes but the pump won’t fit so I shove it into my computer pack along with all of the cosmetics etc.

I now start running to gate 5. Luckily for me it was the closest gate and they were still boarding (5 minutes to spare). I then strike up a conversation, dripping in sweat, with a lady who drops her ticket without knowing it. I pick it up for her. I’m then talking to her about swimming pools and the eco-smarte system as we are waiting on the loading ramp. I’m virtually the last person on a full plane and I’m in the back of the bus all the way to the end. I then tell the guy at the front of the bus to check the carry on in the hull so I don’t have to hassle with it. He says, “oh there is room right there in the ‘first class’ overhead bin.”

So all of these up-tight “first classers” see me toss my shrink wrapped bag with shoes hanging out next to their Christian Dior luggage. Then as I bend over to pick up my computer out of my passport neck bag falls $4,000 in large bills, the lady behind me sees it and picks it up saying, “now we are even”. I walk to the back of the bus and sit down.

The lady at the ticket counter and the baggage handlers are why I want to move to CR. Can you imagine anyone in the US even for a second doing all of this? I felt bad, I had no small bills and did not have time to tip anyone, oh well… next time.

Just another story to go along with thousands of others… I feel blessed that I am moving to the Osa Mountain Village Resort Community.

Paul Thomas

Superman Lives at the Longest Superman Line in the Western Hemisphere

Adventure seekers and adrenalin junkies around the world will be flocking to experience a Costa Rica adventure that will knock most peoples socks off. In the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica above the Osa Peninsula in the Fila Costena mountains engineers are busy constructing what will be the longest Superman Line in the western hemisphere.

At over 2 kilometers in length it will be approximately twice as long its closest competitor in Costa Rica. The ride will last around 2 minutes and will reach a top speed of 55 – 60 miles per hour. Riders will strap into a harness that holds them in a prone position and begin their rapid descent from 3,000 feet elevation and end the ride at 2,000 feet elevation.

The cable will zip the rider over the top of the rainforest canopy. In other sections the zip line will drop into the trees and go through tunnels cut specifically for the ride. It all makes for an experience that will leave most people breathless and wanting more.

The superman line will be located on the property owned by Osa Mountain Village Resort. OMV as it is called by residents is already home to one of the most talked about canopy tours and waterfall rappelling tours in Costa Rica. Plans to build one of the longest water slides in Costa Rica are also in the works.

The various tours are all run by residents that have purchased Costa Rica real estate in the form of villas or homes sites within the Osa Mountain Village Resort development. Some investors have bought a 4 week fractional share in the development just to be able to take advantage of the Costa Rica business opportunity that lies there.

The local residents have been very supportive of the sustainable community where all of this is taking place. Many locals are now working at the development helping with construction, maintenance or food production in the permaculture area.

The resort community offers travelers a place to experience adventure at their door step while staying in nicely finished villas at affordable rates.

Resort Community Flourishing Despite Dismal Global Economy

A resort community in the southern zone of Costa Rica is flourishing despite a dismal global economy. The community is called Osa Mountain Village and is not what one might think of when conjuring up an image of typical resort communities. Osa Mountain Village Resort is breaking all the molds and usual ideologies surrounding the term “resort community”. Despite the economy globally being in a downturn Osa Mountain Village Resort is flourishing and may be the best selling development in all of Costa Rica. At least that’s what local real estate agents have been saying when they visit the sustainable development that is being called by residents “the most amazing community on the planet”.

Other local projects have been stagnant in these tough times but the unique model of a food producing, sustainable resort community combined with all the basic luxuries one might be used to living in a big city has set this development apart from the rest of the herd. It seems to be attracting people from all walks of life that are interested in living a simpler lifestyle where keeping up with the Joneses is not the priority. And people are visiting and buying faster than the builder, Gary Morris, can build. Eventually the unique development will have approximately 170 residences with many of the buyers planning on living at Osa Mountain Village full time in the near future.

From an investment standpoint Osa Mountain Village looks like a market proof place to put ones money. If the economy improves or stays flat OMV is quickly becoming known as a premier adventure resort in the southern zone around the Osa Peninsula area. If the global economy continues its dismal decline further, buyers at Osa Mountain Village Resort Community will be living in an amazing place safe from the chaos that a poor global economy always brings with it. Buyers not planning on living in their villa can put their investment to work placing it in the rental pool and earn a nice income while keeping it as a safe place to go to should things get really bad. Many buyers have been using their 401K’s and IRA accounts to purchase at the resort community without penalty by transferring their accounts to companies offering self directed retirement plans. This has surely been an added bonus for the developers as well as the buyers and has helped the flourishing resort community continue its fast paced growth.

Osa Mountain Village has released only phase 1 and phase 3 for sale at this time. Phase 1 consists of beautiful 1, 2 and 3 bedroom villas and phase 3 consists of custom home sites. Phase 1 is approximately 50% sold out and phase 3 is about 80% sold out with less than 10 custom home lots remaining. Phase 2 and phase 4 will consist of condos and villas with some of the most amazing ocean views anyone could ever hope for and are expected to be released later this year or early next year. High end finishes and a low buy in price make purchase options very attractive. Residents of the resort community pay only $150 per month in HOA dues which includes access to free organic food grown on the 770 acres which make up the development. It just goes to show that a flourishing resort community is absolutely possible despite a dismal global economy if you think outside the box.

For more information about this incredible community use the box below to inquire and someone will contact you shortly.

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Live On Less & Live Better

How does a family live on less and live better? That’s a great question for which there are probably a million answers or at least a million opinions. There’s no question that it’s getting tougher to make ends meet every month for tens of millions of families in the US and abroad. Lot’s of things are contributing to the problems the world is faced with… overspending of the governments around the world, inflation, central banks excessive printing of money with nothing to back it, multi-national corporations getting away with criminal behavior, etc.. The truth is simple to see even if it is hard to swallow. What makes it even harder is the feeling that we are helpless to do anything about it. The bottom line is that conventional thinking will not solve the problems we are faced with today. It was unconventional thinking that brought us to this point in history and only unconventional thinking is going to make things better. There is a great movie you can watch for free on youtube that explains the complexity of the situation and how the present condition of the world is destined to get worse if we all behave like cattle and let the super wealthy friends of the men in high places keep making decisions that benefit the few at the expense of the many.

So how can you live on less and live better in the process? First, you must change your mind set and realize that the planet has enough to go around and that abundance for all the people on the planet is not a fairy tale concept. It is a utopian idea but not unrealistic by any stretch of the imagination. When I was growing up I was a huge fan of Star Trek, especially the Next Generation series. What I particularly liked about that series was the concept that we, the people on planet earth, finally got our act together and learned how to cooperate and live peacefully and with abundance for the entire human race. In the series we learned that instead of fighting over resources that we could accomplish so much more working towards a greater ideal and in doing so the planet and the people thrived.

So, I changed my mindset and followed my gut instinct a short time ago. In doing so I moved my family to a developing sustainable community in the southern pacific, coastal mountains of Costa Rica several months ago. It is a big change from what my wife and I have been used to for the past 50 years growing up and living all of our lives in Los Angeles, California. Instead of living to work we are now working to live. Our community here is producing its own food on the 750+ acres of land that we have.

We are part of something very special in my opinion. The people that are becoming a part of this community have many talents. One community member that is moving here soon is an expert in alternative energy production and will be helping us to produce our own biodiesel fuel so we won’t need to buy gasoline any more. Another community member is an expert in solar and hydroelectric energy systems and is helping our community to be off the government power grid. Other community members will be distilling alcohol, growing coffee and helping with cultivating medicinal herbs and other foods. Some of the community members have talents in the arts and are teaching children in the community dance and self defense and the list goes on.

To many people it would probably seem like we live on less than we did in the US and we do. We also live better than we did in the US. We have more time as a family here. We play more games, do more activities as a family and with the community. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made the move. It was a calculated risk that I was willing to take and I am so glad I did. The first couple of months were a big adjustment for my wife especially, but now we are really enjoying the lazy days, local beaches, fresh organic food and great company of like-minded individuals and families that also took the risk that perhaps there is something better to be found outside the box of conventional thinking and doing what the masses are doing.

Below is a short video showing how the community where we now live is developing. For more information about how you can change your life living on less and living better in the process visit the website about Osa Mountain Village Resort Community.

Don’t let the world get you down any more than it already has. There are better options out there. We tend to be our own biggest hurdle so I want to leave you with one of my favorite sayings…

“The best way to get somewhere is to let yourself go.”

You can also fill out the form below for more information on Osa Mountain Village…

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Economic Crisis Leading to Economic Depression?

Is the economic crisis in the USA leading to an even greater economic depression than the country had in the 30′s? Will the words “the great depression” come to mean a completely different depression than the one the words were first referring to? Or will someone come up with a whole new phrase to reference the depression of the early 2010′s? These are just some of the ridiculous questions I sometimes ask myself when I start to think about the direction the US is heading. They are meaningless questions. Is a depression coming? I think so. I chose to start a new business in Costa Rica because my businesses in the US were being so strongly affected by the economic in the United States. Unemployment in the United States continues to climb and the length of time the average person has been unemployed has increased dramatically.

A Recession in the USA of Epic Proportions

If there is a recession in the USA of epic proportions, will you be ready when it hits? It looks like a depression in the United States is inevitable. Most scholarly people agree that the course the US is on is unsustainable and that it is a matter of when it will happen not if it will happen that an “adjustment” takes place. So I ask again, will you be ready when the day comes? What have you done to prepare for hyperinflation? Do you have food stored away? How about water? How about a gun and ammunition if things really get tough or nasty? Every flat currency in the history of the world has collapsed. The United States Dollar is a flat currency. History has a habit of repeating itself. So, are you trading in your dollars for assets that are not dollar based? Are you buying stuff that is real like gold, silver, rice, oil, foreign real estate, etc.?

Is a Depression Coming?

If you haven’t started to prepare and move yourself out of dollar based assets don’t wait too long. When the dollar becomes worth nothing it will be too late to do anything about it. I chose to put what little I had into a development in Costa Rica and now I live there and have a great life. It is a safe place on a mountain overlooking the pacific ocean from about 2,000 feet elevation. To help you envision where I live. Imagine a luxury resort on 750 acres that produces its own organic fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, milk, cheese, alcohol and coffee… ALL OF THAT… and as a resident you pay only $150 a month and the food is free.

This community is surrounded by incredible wildlife, where you feel like you are in the middle of the Amazon, yet you are only 20 minutes from banking, shopping, and all of life’s necessities. The community is full of wonderful, diverse people from all over the world who love life. They have regular pool parties, art shows, music and many other events.

This community has incredible activities including water slides, canopy tours, horseback riding, kayaking, ocean and inland fishing, mountain biking, animal rehab shelters, easy to walk trails through old growth rainforest and a 325 foot ocean view water fall to rappel down.

Now, to top it off… you end your day in a beautiful chemical free pool bar and have a drink.

Mine is a market proof investment… if the economy stays flat or improves, then I am living in one of the worlds premiere eco-adventure resorts. If the economy fails, the place I am living will be a GREAT place to live.

I am sure I will still feel the effects of the economic crisis and economic depression in the United States. I can’t escape it completely. But I am prepared and I am living a life that is better in every sense I can imagine.

Want to know more about this incredible village resort where I live and how you can have all that I have described for a buy-in price that is so low it will surprise you? Want to know how you can even use retirement funds to purchase a villa or start a business in Costa Rica without withdrawing the funds from your account. Learn how to protect yourself in these uncertain times. It may be the smartest thing you ever do…

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Powerpoint Presentation For Osa Mountain Village Webinar

Below you can watch the powerpoint presentation for Osa Mountain Village. The presentation is only the powerpoint. There is no narration. Please join us for an updated live presentation hosted by Duane Overturf and Jim Gale at,osamountainvillage every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm pacific time. Until you can attend a live webinar, the presentation below will give you some idea of what we are doing at Osa Mountain Village. We do update this regularly for content…

Costa Rica Weather … What’s It Like?

I am not an expert Costa Rica weather man but I have visited most of the regions of Costa Rica and can tell you a little about the Costa Rica weather in general. Especially where we live in the southern zone on the coast just north of the Osa Peninsula. We being me, my wife, my daughter and our dog. So that’s where I’ll start.

The Osa area is lush and green all year long due to receiving 196 inches or so of rain a year. Days are usually bright and sunny every morning and the temperature will depend on what elevation you’re at. At ocean level or a little above it will be in the 90′s. If you go up a little in elevation where the development is where we live the temperature is a cooler 75 to 80 range usually with a slight breeze. One of the big reasons I moved to this region was because of the warm climate. Bring light clothes and sandals to this area.

The pacific north area is less rained on and has a dry season where much of the landscape turns brown. The temperatures here also get hotter and there are less mountains to find shelter from the heat. Bring clothes you wear when it is hot to this region.

The inland north is rolling hills and volcanos and much cooler temperatures. The breezes here can get quite strong. People in this area where jackets a lot of the time. Some areas are cloudy much of the time creating cloud forests where the landscape is different due to plants that don’t grow anywhere except in a cloud forest. Bring warm clothes to this area.

The inland valley is where most of the people live and is at an elevation of over 3,000 feet. It’s very nice Costa Rica weather here. The temp stays an average of 72 all year. It rains regularly and keeps things green most of the year.

The eastern side of the country is wet a lot of the year like the southern pacific side. Be sure to bring clothes you would wear when it is hot and humid.

The central south of the country has mountains that go very high in altitude. This area can get quite cold during the day and even more so at night. Mt. Chirripo is at over 12,000 feet and is the highest point within the country. Bring warm clothes and jackets to this region of the country.

The video below is of Jim Gale talking about the weather around the village resort where we live.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick Costa Rica weather synopsis. If your interest in the weather in Costa Rica stems from an interest in relocating to live here I would encourage you to do it. Take that step. You’ll be happy you did. Be sure to pick the place that’s right for you and your family. If you would like to know more about our village resort where we live in the mountains above the pacific ocean in the southern region, just fill in the form below. We have 770 acres of amazing land to share…

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Dollar Drop & Hyperinflation Inevitable?

When it comes to a dollar drop and hyperinflation it seems that most people living in the US want to ignore that which seems so obvious to me. I also know there are a lot of people who feel the same way that I do as well. So, I would like to share my solution to those people interested in saving their family from a dollar collapse and extreme hyper inflation before it’s too late. I want to begin by saying that I feel blessed to have discovered Osa Mountain Village and consider myself very lucky that I saw early enough on that the economy was not going to improve in time to save my family and me. I was still in a position to do something to protect my family from a dollar drop, or dollar collapse. Perhaps that’s where you or someone you know is at right now. They’re trying to figure out how to protect their family now and be prepared before the storm hits just like I am doing…

“What to do before a massive dollar drop & hyper inflation hits…”

On March 1st, 2011 I moved my family down to Costa Rica to an under-construction, sustainable, resort development called Osa Mountain Village. It was our only option. My wife and I had invested in the development with our IRA’s years before and the project was ready to move forward having obtained all necessary permits and plans. The development being “created” is a food-producing community that employs local citizens to help run the development. We pay only $150 per month to the HOA which is for access to food produced on site, fresh water, and use of community areas as well as the 750 acres of old growth rain forest.

Many other people have now started moving to Osa Mountain Village too. Most of them are thinking that the US economy is doomed and that a dollar drop is inevitable and hyperinflation will soon be the result of years of wreck-less spending by the US government. I tend to agree with their sentiments and hope for the best. My sisters, mother, father, nieces and nephews, in-laws and many friends still live in the US. Some of them think I am crazy and others have since bought a villa at Osa Mountain Village as a back up plan because they too think the US economy is going to tank soon.

Fool Proof Protection Against A Dollar Drop & Hyperinflation

I see it this way… If the economy stays flat or improves Osa Mountain Village is becoming the premier eco resort in the southern zone of Costa Rica. My wife and I are to be concierge for the resort once it is fully operational and business should be great if the economy is good. If the economy continues downhill and there is a dollar drop followed by hyperinflation Osa Mountain Village will be a great place to live during the chaos. For now we help out with many things to grow the community and bring together like minded people. We eat organically grown fruits, veggies, chicken and eggs, locally caught, fresh seafood and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle than when we were living in the states.

If you are interested in living a more sustainable life in a tropical paradise with active, adventure-oriented people from all walks of life, fill out the form below and someone will contact you shortly about purchase options at Osa Mountain Village Sustainable Resort Community.

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Are Green Communities Offering Off Grid Living A Growing Trend?

I moved my family to one of the newly started small green communities moving in the direction of off-grid living in southern Costa Rica. It is a place that by most people’s standards is pretty remote. The two closest towns have no more than 5,000 residents each and the closest “big cities” are all about a 2 hour drive away. So, I guess that means it’s remote. There are a lot of reasons I moved. Among them are the economy in the US which heavily affected my main business and simultaneously having an opportunity offered to me in Costa Rica.

Mine is like a million other people’s story over the last few years except that I decided not to sit around and wait and see what happens. That’s not to say that my wife, Catherine, and I didn’t start out with the waiting and seeing game. I went through quite a lot of money trying to stay afloat during really slow times until one day I had to use a cash gift I received from my parents to pay the January credit card bill. It was the last straw in a particularly heavy pail.

That was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it and the start of a new life in a new country. The idea of living a simpler life was appealing to me having a 6 year old daughter to raise. Now we live in a small, food producing, green community that sits at 2,000 feet elevation in the Fila Costena mountains overlooking the Sierpe Valley and the pacific ocean with amazing old growth forest making up most of the land we live on. We are not living off grid yet but we are moving towards that goal daily.
[caption id="attachment_2827" align="alignright" width="575" caption="Me at a fundraiser for the local elementary school."]green communities, off grid living, permaculture forest[/caption]
I have heard that green communities are popping up all over the world. I have also heard that more and more people are looking at living off grid as an alternative to the norm. I don’t know for sure if this is true. I hope it is. Our experience has been fantastic. We have developed some very close friendships in a short time and we are having fun living with less and on less money. That’s not to say we haven’t had some hard times since we came here. Things don’t go the way you plan here so you get used to it. How long that takes depends on the person. The first two months were hard on my wife. Now she likes it here. My daughter, Lindsay, is going to the local school which has 5 other students in the whole school and they are all in different grades. She is the only first grader. We are one of the first families to move here and eventually we will have a school on the property but for now Lindsay is where she belongs and is learning Spanish through full immersion.

Ours is an eco resort / green community with full time residents and tourists staying in units placed in the rental pool. A large portion of the useable land on the 770 acres we have is being devoted to food production. A permaculture forest is being built to supply the residents with all the fresh, healthy, organic fruits and vegetables we can eat. Three large Tilapia ponds are being constructed and the Tilapia are used in the aquaponics system being used to grow green onions and herbs. Fresh chicken and eggs are being produced with consistency. Living off grid will come… except for the internet and phone. I can’t give up everything… Right at this moment I am sitting on my patio enjoying a beer as I close this post out. Yes, life is pretty good at Osa Mountain Village Resort.

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