Saturday, September 10, 2011

W.I.S.E. Staff & Teachers

About Us

Jenny Pell

Jenny is a permaculture designer, consultant and educator based in Seattle, WA. She has years of experience in natural building, specializing in yurts, off-the-grid systems, and creating markets for a variety of green building materials. She teaches the full permaculture design certification course, offers many hands-on skills workshops, and is currently focused on urban permaculture design and policy consulting.

Jenny’s current projects include managing an Urban Permaculture Village multi-family development, crafting a rural Permaculture Land Trust, working with a team advising Seattle City Council on Carbon Neutral Food issues, and launching a neighborhood Urban Farm. She has taught permaculture in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Washington State, and lectures widely. She’s also busy raising her 3 year-old permaculture kid Sacha, and living the permaculture high-life in Seattle with her partner and amazing yoga instructor Michael Suzerris.

Robin Nordling

Robin NordlingRobin’s goal for the past ten years has been to find a truly sustainable way of life. After his first visit to Osa Mountain Village, he quickly realized that this goal could be reached and become involved almost instantly. Robin strongly believes in the values and objectives of the Osa Mountain community concept, and he shares the passion and drive present among the other community members.

Along with living full-time on the mountain, Robin will be managing the greenhouses and overseeing vegetable production at Osa Mountain Village. He’s excited to be working with the WISE team to share his knowledge and inspire others to be self-sufficient and practice sustainable living.

Dr. Jen Shults, DC

Dr. Jennifer Shults, DC.Jennifer is an innovative practitioner and teacher. She has been immersed in a study of the earth’s natural healing systems for over 20 years. By bringing an understanding of modern day medicine and green living into partnership with the knowledge of ancient cultures, she creates dynamic learning spaces in which to heal self and community. Join her in an active exploration of the eways in which permaculture extends into the terrain of your own body and soul. Her teaching will include physical and emotional techniques as well as concepts of incorporating medicinal plants into foodways and gardening.

Dr. Shults is well versed in many physical modalitites of healing including chiropractic, deep tissue work, cranial work and movement re-education. She utilizes herbal and homeopathic medicine, as well as clinical dietary and exercise coaching. She incorporates many aspects of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and has studied with indigenous healters as well as many Western teachers at the top of the biomedical and movement fields. Immediately apparent is her belief that the emotions and spirit are central to wellbeing, and she incorporates aspects of energywork and emotional healing from many cultures into her workshops and care of patients. Her personal style is warm, empowering and passionatae, and she has a gift for weaving this broad base of experience into truly useful transformational teaching.

Kim Glick

Kim GlickKim is an international rural development professional with more than 10 years of experience living and working in Latin America. In 1998 she took the 72-hour Permaculture Design course in England and this experience changed her life and her career aspirations. Following the course, she went on to become a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Bolivian Andes where she worked for three years on sustainable agriculture projects and promoted the empowerment of women. Following her Peace Corps service, she worked as a contractor on USAID agriculture projects in Bolivia and Iraq. Then, she moved onto Guatemala where she first worked as a Peace Corps Response volunteer agricultural marketing specialist and later as a consultant for a Guatemalan not-for-profit. Formerly based in Guatemala, Kim now divides her time between the United States and the United Kingdom. She is excited to share with students both the concepts and her experiences with the real world practical application of permaculture principles.

Skip Licht

Skip LichtSkip began visiting Costa Rica in November of 2002. He needed a break from his business in South Florida and came only to “get away from it all.” Paradise called him to return 5 times in the following 7 months and he finally resigned himself to the fact that he wanted to retire here. He comes from an entrepreneurial background and loves to learn and experience new things. This is a natural for him and he is part of a growing team that is creating a vehicle by which many people will have an opportunity to get “back to the basics” of life. Skip is the Executive Director of WISE.

Deborah Vogel

Deborah VogelDeborah is a neuromuscular educator involved in teh health and wellness field working with performers and athletes, guiding them to optimal physical performance. It only took one trip to Osa Mountain Village to realize this community had it all – focus on healthy eating through organic farming, being physically active walking through gorgeous mountains, and companionship with like-minded individuals who want quality of life. She brings her health and teaching background to the WISE organization – wanting as many people as possible to experience the benefits of healthy and sustainable living practices. Deborah is the Managing Director of WISE.

Jim Gale

Jim GaleJim was originally in the mortgage business in Minnesota, although his life has evolved incredibly in the past 6 years. His mindset has changed from working hard only to earn income to what we are involved in today. Education, synergy and spending time in paradise with my family and friends are his realities…

Jim is the founder of Osa Mountain Village. He’d like to invite everyone to take a moment to learn what we have to offer and join us in the Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica. You’ll surely be glad you did!