Saturday, September 10, 2011

W.I.S.E. Courses

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Health, Organic Gardening & Permaculture Principles!

Taught by Jenny Pell, Robin Nordling, and Dr. Jennifer Shults and other guest teachers

The best learning is experiential learning. Aristotle once said “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” At WISE, we couldn’t agree more. You will go home after this 10-day workshop better able to start organically growing your own fruits and vegetables with an efficient vertical growing system. You’ll learn important permaculture concepts to improve your success as a gardener and have fun hiking and exploring some of the best adventure experiences that Costa Rica has to offer!

Price: $1,495 (10-days all inclusive, food, adventures, simple lodging) (Ask about the $500 scholarship!)

Next offered: January 20 – 29th, 2011

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Embodied Guidance: Beginning the Dialogue

Taught by Deborah Vogel and Dr. Jennifer Shults, DC.

Master neuromuscular educator, Deborah Vogel, and holistic physician, Dr Jennifer Shults, DC, will lead this exploration to the quiet, often hidden, but unshakeable, ally within us all – the voice of the body.

Our bodies speak to us constantly, telling us about our state of health, about our relationships with others, and to our environment. Have we “the ears to hear,” our bodies can translate many signs from the natural world that can guide us. Theses ancient abilities are often drowned out by the loud, demanding voices of mental thoughts and the long list of ‘shoulds and woulds’ that have been drummed into us by our communities and society.

Are there ways to turn down the volume from external sources and begin to trust our inner knowing and voices? Yes! During this workshop you will be led through many processes to do just that. This is not therapy… although many insights may be gained. This is not a movement or a dance class… although you will be guided through different physical exercises to enhance your ability to respond to and decrease physical tension, which in turn will help to fine-tune your sensitivity to guidance. We will draw upon teachings about movement, ceremony, spirit, and health from many continents and many lineages to introduce you to the felt experience of embodied guidance. Then, we will move forward to create the ability to expand and direct this guidance into all areas of your lives.

We hope you’ll join us on this very special 3 – day workshop being held at Osa Mountain Village in the beautiful south pacific area of Costa Rica. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, fitness or background.

Price: $349 (3-days all inclusive, food, workshop, simple lodging) (Ask about the $50 scholarship!)

Date(s) Offered: January 30 – Feb. 1, 2011

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Permaculture Design Course

Lead Educator: Kim Glick

Permaculture is the combination of permanent agriculture with culture. In other words, it is an ecological exploration of the synergy and relationships between our food production systems and our human habitats.

Some of the most powerful learning experiences are experiential and when you study with us you will get your hands dirty in the cleanest way possible through learning to produce your own food in a variety of ways, such as saving seed and identifying beneficial plants, insects and animals. Working with nature rather than against means maximizing results and minimizing work.

Permaculture is sustainable and restorative land use design. It’s essential to understand how to use natural materials and resources to meet our needs for energy, shelter, food and more. The course gives an in-depth exploration of the design process and the main elements involved.

Permaculture design can be applied to any scale of project from a small yard to entire countries. The beneficial relationships between the elements are emphasized. The waste become resources. Productivity and yields increase and environments and stability are restored.

Since the first Permaculture Design Course in 1972, this course has been taught thousands of times around the world. This internationally recognized 10-day course is based on the teachings of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. We’ll take the original practical curriculum offered by Mollison and Holmgren, adding in a few days to make time for components to expand our connection to Mother Earth along with taking breaks to experience the uniqueness of our Costa Rican surroundings.

“Seeing is believing” and Costa Rica must be seen, smelled, touched and tasted to be believed! At the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement, Costa Rica is an ideal place to relax, learn and meet some wonderful, genuine people who could become lifelong friends.

We welcome you to our facilities on the grounds of Osa Mountain Village in the beautiful and pristine Southern Pacific area of Costa Rica. At WISE we believe that all of us have a role in caring for Mother Earth now, and for future generations as well. Come join us in an experience that will change your life for the better!

Price: $1,495 (All inclusive: meals, lodging & adventure activities provided) Certificate for the Permaculture Design Course will be given at the completion of the course.

Date(s) Offered: March 26 – April 8 , 2011; June 4 – June 17, 2011

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Using Medicinal Plants in Today’s World

This 5-day workshop explores the tropical medicinal plants and herbs. Long before the advent of pharmaceuticals, families would have an herb garden that was used for flavoring foods, remedies for illness, as well as dyes and fragrance. Herbs and medicinal plants were a part of medicine men and women’s training. During this workshop we will explore how to identify, use, and grow medicinal plants and herbs.

Price: To Be Determined

Date(s) Offered: Tentative March 2011

Green Building Practices

This 7-day hands-on workshop will teach you how to use different green building materials, like bamboo, straw bale, earth bag for creating sustainable structures and buildings. This will be experiential learning as we will be constructing a small building from start to finish, leaving you much more able to create your own sustainable and green structures back home.

Planning and Developing a Sustainable Community

Taught by Jim Gale & Staff

Ever dream of opening up your own eco-resort or sustainable community? In this 3-day conference learn the ins and outs of planning and developing a sustainable community – profitably – and without going into debt!

Price: To Be Determined

Date(s) Offered: Please Check Back For Schedule

Sustainable Living Practices

During this 10-day course you will learn how to incorporate the use of solar energy in designing homes and in household use. Students will design and build their own solar oven and will be able to choose from different materials, using them to cook their own food. The group will also learn how to build solar water heaters and how to install a solar panel.

Students will also learn how to use organic waste such as food scraps, burnt cooking oil and animal manure to produce biogas with a small biodigester that they will build. This biogas will be used as cooking fuel and in an electrical generator.