Saturday, September 10, 2011


Welcome to World Institute for Sustainability and Education

…or W.I.S.E. as we like to call it.

Sustainable living practices allow all people to realize and improve their quality of life as they simultaneously protect and support the Earth.

The World Institute for Sustainability and Education is focused on the synergy between man and nature. We understand how essential it is to change how we are living so as our family, friends, and future generations will have the chance for a healthy and abundance lifestyle.

At WISE we are creating an amazing community based on a sustainable living model and it is our goal to teach you how to live in harmony and cooperation with nature, teaching you how to easily produce your own fruits and vegetables, as well as work with the local materials around you to decrease our collective footprint and impact on Mother Earth.

Please look over the courses we offer throughout the year, interesting articles on sustainable living as well as our Osa Mountain Village the sustainable, a year-round living community in the beautiful mountains of Southern Costa Rica.


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