Sunday, September 25, 2011

Diving Costa Rica And Costa Rica Snorkeling Tours

Scuba Dive Costa Rica Marino Ballena National Park & Canos Island

Costa Rica scuba diving, diving Costa Rica, Costa Rica snorkeling

When diving Costa Rica you may run across an eel.

This business is now spoken for in the Osa Mountain Village business network. Ivan & Patricia Berger will be offering Costa Rica snorkeling and Costa Rica scuba diving tours which are extremely popular attractions and being that Osa Mountain Village is only a few minutes away from Marino Ballena National Park Canos Island, two fantastic areas on the pacific coast to snorkel or Scuba dive, this business is sure to be a big success. Nearby Cano Island is a top spot for viewing the unusual when diving costa rica.

Ivan & Patricia are in the process of securing the right boat so that they can launch this new business as soon as possible. Check back often to keep informed as to when they will be up and operational. We look forward to having Ivan & Patricia as part of the OMV business network. It won’t be long before these two wonderful people will be living at Osa Mountain Village and enjoying the good, relaxed lifestyle that Costa Rica offers.

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