Saturday, August 20, 2011

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Osa Hiking Tours

Costa Rica Walking, Costa Rica Hiking, Costa Rica Camping

When in Costa Rica camping you may see a red-eye tree frog.

Osa Mountain Hiking Tours is offering a variety of walking, hiking and camping tours for the adventurous. Three walking tours will now available in our 770 acre private old growth forest. The property starts at 700 feet elevation and goes up to about 3,100 feet into our private coastal cloud forest. The property is above the Osa peninsula which is known for being one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet. It is home to more animal species than the entire United States.

Costa Rica Hiking Tours

Two walking tours on the Osa Mountain property include a sustainable living tour we call The People, Community & Planet Eco-Tour, and a Rain Forest, Waterfall and Wildlife Eco-Tour which teaches about the unique elements of an old growth rain forest. At the end of the tours you’ll be served fresh fruits to refresh and rejuvenate yourself.

Costa Rica Camping Tours

For the ultimate experience we recommend trying the camping tour which has been affectionately named the “survivor experience”. Of all the things you can do while visiting Costa Rica, spending a night in the jungle will absolutely be the most memorable by far. Very few experiences can compare with camping overnight, deep in an old growth rain forest. Getting away from the lights of the city where nature has been left untouched for millions of years will leave you breathless and with stories to tell for many years to come. It’s the experience you are looking for when you tour Costa Rica… if you can handle it.

Jungle Waterfall Rappelling

Beginning in May 2011 you will have the chance to go canyoning in the jungles of Costa Rica. With our largest waterfall being over 425 feet tall this will be the most exhilarating day of your entire trip to Costa Rica. You rappel down several smaller waterfalls as before we reach the granddaddy of them all. Don’t miss out on this incredible experience while you are here or you’ll never forgive yourself.

We can help you arrange your entire trip to Costa Rica. If you’re like most people you will want to visit several areas of the country to get a complete picture of the landscape, the people, the culture and incredible beauty that makes Costa Rica one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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