Saturday, September 10, 2011

Nocturnal Costa Rica Nature Tours

Nighttime Nature Walk

Costa Rica Nature

A nocturnal Costa Rica nature tour reveals a Cat-eyed snake hunting for frogs.

Nothing compares to the jungle at night. In fact, many of the animals of the jungle are nocturnal and only come out at night.

To really get the full experience on your Costa Rica nature vacation you will not want to miss out on a chance to have the OMV Resort nature tour through the jungle after dark.

You may get to observe some very strange insects, courting frogs, and possibly even a snake or two hunting for frogs for their dinner. Up in the trees you may see, the adorable kinkajou staring down at you as you pass by or maybe a boa constrictor lurking in the trees for its next meal.

It’s a Costa Rica nature experience you will be talking about for years to come. An experienced guide will be able to point out things you may walk right by if you didn’t have them with you.

Adults-$20, Children 7 to 12 years-$10, Children 6 and under are free


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Let us help you arrange your entire trip to Costa Rica.

If you’re like most people you will want to visit several areas of the country to get a complete picture of the landscape, the people, the culture and incredible beauty that makes Costa Rica one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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