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Costa Rica Birding And Bird Watching Tour

Costa Rica Bird, Costa Rica Bird Guide

Scarlet Macaw eating beach almond

Costa Rica Birding

Are you an avid birding enthusiast or bird watcher? Costa Rica birding is at its finest around the Osa Peninsula. Approximately 850 species of birds can be found in Costa Rica, which is more than all of North America even though Costa Rica is only about the size of West Virginia!

Costa Rica Birding, Costa Rica Bird Watching

Display of Green Violet Eared Hummingbird to potential mate.

National Geographic Magazine has said that the Osa Peninsula is one of the most bio-diverse areas on the planet and is home to some of the most incredible Costa Rican birds.  With Osa Mountain Village situated so close to the peninsula, we have many of the same birds.  Two types of toucans are common at Osa Mountain Village.   One of the most elusive hummingbirds in Costa Rica, the White-Tipped Sicklebill, can be seen on the trails.   Birds of Prey, Tinamous, Trogons, Tanagers, Manikins, Wood Creepers, The Great Curassow and much more can be seen at Osa Mountain Village.

Costa rica birds, Costa Rica bird tours

Beautiful Costa Rica Bird known as the Squirrel Cuckoo.

Costa Rica Bird Watching

Our resort has been planted with thousands of fruit and nut trees to feed our guests and has the wonderful additional benefit of attracting many of these incredible birds as well. The result is additional birding even in the orchard areas.  Costa Rica bird watching enthusiasts from all over the world will appreciate the area. Come prepared with binoculars and hiking shoes for an amazing morning and don’t be surprised if you see some other incredible animals that don’t have wings as well.  After your morning bird walk you’ll be served some wonderful organic fruits and juices to refresh yourself and be ready for the rest of your day.

Adults-$25, Children 7 to 12 years-$13, Children 6 and under free

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Let us help you arrange your entire trip to Costa Rica.

If you’re like most people you will want to visit several areas of the country to get a complete picture of the landscape, the people, the culture and incredible beauty that makes Costa Rica one of the top eco-tourism destinations in the world.

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