Eco Tour of Resilient Living

This eco tour on sustainable living will teach and enlighten you and your children on what a sustainable lifestyle is all about. You will learn useful and interesting ways to become healthier while at the same time treating the planet better, using simple permaculture techniques, humane animal husbandry, composting, bio-digesters, alternative energy sources and much more.

You’ll visit our chicken coops to see how easy it is to raise your own fresh eggs and poultry that taste immensely better than what you are used to buying in your local stores at home (yes even the organic ones). At the same time you’ll discover how chickens in your garden play an important role in insect control to keep your gardens healthy and thriving. We’ll show you how waste water from your toilet can be directed to a bio-digester that creates methane gas which can be used for cooking. In this 2 ½ hour eco-tour you’ll learn about swales and vertical greenhouse growing systems. You’ll learn about the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics and how raising Tilapia and vegetables together create a synergistic system with one feeding the other in a closed loop system.

It’s an educational and super interesting look at a way of living that doesn’t take from the planet without replacing what is taken. You also learn about how large industrial farming practices are destroying our soil and robbing you of your health. We’ll touch on how shopping at local farmers markets at home will help to eliminate large scale poultry, beef and pork production which has become a major contributor to flu, virus and bacteria that can be deadly. You’ll get an inside glimpse of just how simple it is to live sustainably, become healthier in the process and leave a planet to your children that is thriving and alive. You’ll come away from this eco tour with a new appreciation of how intricately entwined everything on the planet is. The old saying “Mother Nature Knows Best” ll have a whole new meaning to you after taking the tour. It is not hard to envision how you can help the planet on a local level by making small changes in the way you do things and the choices you make after taking our People, Community, and Planet tour. In fact, many people return home and begin to implement things they learn on this tour into their daily lives and tell friends in their local community about the things they learned here and by doing so feel better about themselves knowing they are doing their part to keep the planet healthy for future generations. After you return home we would love to hear about how the tour has changed the way you do you things so please email us and tell us your story. Adults and kids of all ages will enjoy the tour.

Adults- $30, Children 7 to 15 years- $15.00, Children 6 and under are free.

Sustainable Community Eco Tour Details:

Time: 10:45 am to 12:15 pm

Where to meet: At the Toucan Meadows community center at Osa Mountain Village Resort.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes for trekking around the landscape. Closed shoes are best but sandals are acceptable.

What to bring: We recommend bringing sunscreen, water, insect repellent and a hat and camera if you have one.

Important: Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the tour as we do start on time.

Check Availability on the Calendar Below

Shuttle Services

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