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Costa Rica Hiking Tours

Guided hiking tours are offered nearby at Rancho La Merced Wildlife Refuge. On Osa Mountain you’ll also find 750 acres that start at 800 feet elevation and goes up to about 3,100 feet. The private coastal cloud forest is quite unique and a great place to explore on miles of trails for hiking and biking. Whether you choose a guided hike or to explore on your own you won’t be disappointed as you are in one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet. The osa peninsula area is home to more animal species than the entire United States.


Costa Rica Birding Tour

Located nearby at Rancho La Merced you’ll find guided birding tours. 310 species of birds have been spotted in the refuge and surrounding habitats.  If you can do without the guide you’ll also find an enormous variety of birds and other wildlife on Osa Mountain where there are miles of trails to explore on your own.

Price: $45 per person, add $10 per person for private tour.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Rainforest & Waterfalls Hiking Tour

Located at Rancho La Merced Wildlife Refuge is a guided nature hike of the refuge through a series of trails.  Since 1971 the conservation of diverse natural habitats found in the refuge has attracted many birds, mammals, insects and reptiles, who have found in the refuge a sanctuary for feeding and reproduction in the rainforest, wetlands and mangroves.

Price: $35 per person  add $10 per person for private tour.

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Nocturnal Nature Walk

A nighttime walk through the trails of Rancho la Merced Wildlife Refuge. In the evening, you can experience the creepy crawling insects of the jungle and see many of the nocturnal mammals that are hidden away during the daylight hours. The guided hike takes you through primary and secondary old growth forest and open land to give you an opportunity to observe the protected flora and fauna.

Price: $35 per person, add $10 per person for private tour.

Hiking Tour Details:

Time: Day tours start at 8:00 AM, Night tour starts at 6:00 PM

Where to meet: Rancho La Merced at km marker 156 on Costanera Sur 2 minutes north of Uvita on west side of highway.

What to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes for trekking around the landscape. Closed shoes are best but sandals are acceptable.

What to bring: We recommend bringing binoculars or birding scope, sunglasses, sunscreen, water, insect repellent and a hat and camera if you have one.

Important: Please plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the tour as we do start on time.